Aaron Hicks vs Luis Robert Jr. Stats

In his professional baseball career, Hicks has drilled 108 balls out of the park while knocking in 387 runs. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to bat 3,578 times and has delivered with a base knock 716 times. His slugging percentage sits at .388 and he has racked up 1,190 bases. He has struck out 767 times and has gotten a free base on 454 occasions, contributing to a .333 on-base %. Hicks has accumulated a batting average of .233 for his baseball career with 463 scored runs and an OPS of .721.

Robert has tallied a free base 81 times while going down on strikes on 383 attempts. His on-base percentage is .327 and he also has a career OPS of .827. He has recorded 219 runs and notched 210 RBIs. He has gone deep 74 times, with 702 bases in total and a .500 slugging percentage. Over the course of the 1,403 at-bats in his pro career, Robert has earned a batting average of .279 and has racked up 392 hits.

Aaron Hicks vs Luis Robert Jr. Stats

Aaron HicksCareerLuis Robert Jr.
960Games Played367
3,578Plate Appearances1,519
108Home Runs74
387Runs Batted In210
71Stolen Bases46
26Caught Stealing10
.233Batting Average.279
.333On-Base Percentage.327
.388Slugging Percentage.500
1,190Total Bases702
46Grounded Into Double Plays24
17Hit By Pitch21

So far this year, Aaron Hicks has hit in 36 runs and also has amassed a slugging percentage of .396. He has amassed an OBP of .361 with 41 walks and 66 strikeouts. Hicks has tallied 103 total bases with 68 hits in 260 at-bats. He has a batting average of .262 while holding an OPS of .757. He has tallied 44 runs on the campaign and has knocked 8 balls out of the park.

Robert has accounted for 144 hits in 546 at-bats for an average of .264. He has taken a base 30 times and has recorded an on-base percentage of .315. This year, Robert has notched 90 runs, accounted for 80 RBI and has earned 38 home runs. He has amassed an OPS of 0.857 with a slugging % of .542. He has struck out 172 times while accumulating 296 bases in total.

Aaron Hicks (2023)StatLuis Robert Jr. (2023)
90Games Played145
302Plate Appearances595
44Runs Scored90
8Home Runs38
36Runs Batted In80
6Stolen Bases20
0Caught Stealing4
.262Batting Average.264
.361On-Base Percentage.315
.396Slugging Percentage.542
103Total Bases296
3Grounded Into Double Play10
0Hit By Pitch12