Aaron Judge vs Garrett Cooper Stats

Judge has hit .284 in his time in baseball with 577 scored runs and an OPS of .983. He has been struck out 971 times and has gotten a free base on 507 occasions, contributing to a .395 OBP. For his career, Judge has hit 239 balls out of the park while driving in 537 runs. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .588 and he has racked up 1,655 bases. Over the course of his time in the league, he approached the plate 3,374 times and also came through with a base knock 799 times.

In the 1,363 at-bats in his professional career, Cooper has recorded a batting average of .270 in addition to having 368 hits. His on-base percentage is .340 and he also has a lifetime OPS of .775. He has accumulated 157 runs in addition to having earned 184 RBIs. Cooper has tallied a walk 126 times while striking out on 403 plate appearances. He has hit the long ball 45 times, as well as 594 total bases and also a .436 slugging percentage.

Aaron Judge vs Garrett Cooper Stats

Aaron JudgeCareerGarrett Cooper
778Games Played399
3,374Plate Appearances1,522
239Home Runs45
537Runs Batted In184
43Stolen Bases1
16Caught Stealing1
.284Batting Average.270
.395On-Base Percentage.340
.588Slugging Percentage.436
1,655Total Bases594
76Grounded Into Double Plays33
24Hit By Pitch23

Since the beginning of the campaign, Aaron Judge has hit in 40 runs and has accumulated a slugging percentage of .674. He has accrued an on-base percentage of .404 in addition to 35 walks and 63 K’s. Judge has compiled 118 total bases with 51 base knocks out of 175 at-bats. He has earned a batting average of .291 in addition to having an OPS of 1.078. He has scored 42 runs this season and has knocked 19 balls out of the park.

Cooper is sitting with 63 bases in total with 37 base hits in 157 at-bats. He has tallied an on-base percentage of .271 as well as 7 free passes and 51 strikeouts. So far this season, Garrett Cooper has batted in 23 runs and also has a slugging percentage of .401. He has notched 13 runs so far this season and has hit 6 balls out of the park. He has a batting average at the plate of .236 with an OPS of .672.

Aaron Judge (2023)StatGarrett Cooper (2023)
49Games Played41
213Plate Appearances166
42Runs Scored13
19Home Runs6
40Runs Batted In23
3Stolen Bases0
1Caught Stealing0
.291Batting Average.236
.404On-Base Percentage.271
.674Slugging Percentage.401
118Total Bases63
3Grounded Into Double Play5
0Hit By Pitch1