Aaron Judge vs Trea Turner Stats

Aaron JudgeCareerTrea Turner
572Games Played689
2,465Plate Appearances3,029
158Home Runs103
366Runs Batted In334
24Stolen Bases203
12Caught Stealing39
.276Batting Average.303
.386On-Base Percentage.358
.554Slugging Percentage.492
1,146Total Bases1,364
59Grounded Into Double Plays45
18Hit By Pitch21

Judge has accumulated a batting average of .276 in his time in baseball in addition to 402 runs scored and an OPS of .940. For his time in the league, he came to the plate 2,465 times and has delivered with a base hit 571 times. His slugging percentage is .554 and he has accumulated 1,146 bases. For his career, Judge has hit 158 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 366 runs. He has fanned 733 times and has taken a walk on 361 occasions, which has contributed to a .386 on-base %.

For the 2,772 at-bats in his professional career, Turner has recorded a batting average of .303 and has racked up 839 base hits. His on-base percentage comes in at .358 and he also has a career OPS of .850. He has scored 485 runs and racked up 334 RBIs. Turner has tallied a free base 223 times while going down on strikes on 542 occasions. He has hit a home run 103 times, with 1,364 total bases and a .492 slugging %.

Aaron JudgeStatTrea Turner
148Games Played148
633Plate Appearances646
89Runs Scored107
39Home Runs28
98Runs Batted In77
6Stolen Bases32
1Caught Stealing5
.287Batting Average.328
.373On-Base Percentage.375
.544Slugging Percentage.536
299Total Bases319
16Grounded Into Double Play18
3Hit By Pitch6

Judge has accumulated 158 base hits out of 550 at-bats and holds a batting average of .287. He has earned a walk 75 times and has compiled an on-base percentage of .373. So far this season, Judge has scored 89 runs, knocked in 98 RBI and has 39 home runs. He has recorded an OPS of 0.917 (30th in baseball) with a slugging % of .544. He has gone down on strikes 158 times (20th in the league) while amassing 299 bases in total.

For the current season, Turner has batted in 77 runs and also has a slugging percentage of .536. He has accumulated an OBP of .375 in addition to 41 free passes and 110 strikeouts. Turner has accounted for 319 total bases with 195 base hits (1st in baseball) in 595 at-bats. He has amassed a average at the plate of .328 while holding an OPS of .911. He has a total of 107 runs for the year and has hit 28 balls out of the park.