Adam Duvall vs Joey Gallo Stats

Duvall has raked .233 for his career in addition to 393 scored runs and an OPS of .764. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to bat 3,077 times and has delivered a base hit 652 times. His career slugging percentage is .472 and he has a total of 1,323 bases. In his pro baseball career, Duvall has hit 167 balls over the fence while knocking in 492 runs. He has struck out 870 times and has gotten a free base on 207 occasions, which contributes in part to a .292 on-base %.

For the 2,502 official at-bats in his MLB career, Gallo has a batting average of .199 with 497 base knocks. He has hit a home run 188 times, with 1,175 total bases and also a .470 slugging percentage. Gallo has drawn a walk 442 times while striking out on 1,110 plate appearances. He has scored 421 runs and notched 409 RBIs. His OBP comes in at .325 and he has earned a career OPS of .795.

Adam Duvall vs Joey Gallo Stats

Adam DuvallCareerJoey Gallo
838Games Played798
3,077Plate Appearances2,976
167Home Runs188
492Runs Batted In409
18Stolen Bases29
12Caught Stealing8
.233Batting Average.199
.292On-Base Percentage.325
.472Slugging Percentage.470
1,323Total Bases1,175
38Grounded Into Double Plays13
39Hit By Pitch28

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Duvall has accumulated 34 bases in total with 15 base hits in 33 at-bats. He has notched 11 runs this season and has hit 4 balls out of the park. He has earned a batting average at the plate of .455 while having an OPS of 1.544. He has tallied an on-base percentage of .514 as well as 3 walks and 5 K’s. Over the course of this season, Adam Duvall has knocked in 14 runs and also has accumulated a slugging percentage of 1.030.

Gallo has a tally of 66 total bases with 26 hits in 138 at-bats. He has notched 21 runs over the course of the season and has hit 11 balls out of the park. He has amassed a batting average of .188 with an OPS of .799. He is sitting with an on-base percentage of .321 as well as 25 free passes and 62 K’s. Since the beginning of the campaign, Joey Gallo has knocked in 23 runs and has amassed a slugging percentage of .478.

Adam Duvall (2023)StatJoey Gallo (2023)
8Games Played46
37Plate Appearances165
11Runs Scored21
4Home Runs11
14Runs Batted In23
0Stolen Bases0
0Caught Stealing0
.455Batting Average.188
.514On-Base Percentage.321
1.030Slugging Percentage.478
34Total Bases66
0Grounded Into Double Play1
1Hit By Pitch2