Adam Eaton vs Mike Yastrzemski Stats

Eaton has earned a batting average of .276 for his time in baseball with 566 scored runs and an OPS of .763. He has fanned 679 times and has walked on 346 attempts at the plate, which has contributed to a .354 OBP. In his MLB career, Eaton has hit 66 balls out of the park while knocking in 319 runs. He has recorded a slugging percentage of .409 in addition to earning 1,407 bases. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to the plate 3,910 times and has reached base with a base hit 950 times.

Over the course of the 1,670 at-bats in his pro career, Yastrzemski has an average at the plate of .243 and has racked up 406 hits. He has hit it out of the park 79 times, as well as 775 total bases and a .464 slugging percentage. Yastrzemski has tallied a walk 187 times while striking out on 481 occasions. He has tallied 278 runs and has 234 RBIs. His OBP sits at .325 and he is the owner of a lifetime OPS of .789.

Adam Eaton vs Mike Yastrzemski Stats

Adam EatonCareerMike Yastrzemski
914Games Played490
3,910Plate Appearances1,895
66Home Runs79
319Runs Batted In234
87Stolen Bases13
32Caught Stealing8
.276Batting Average.243
.354On-Base Percentage.325
.409Slugging Percentage.464
1,407Total Bases775
39Grounded Into Double Plays14
75Hit By Pitch22

Eaton is sitting with 83 bases in total with 51 hits out of 254 at-bats. He has tallied 38 runs for the season and has hit 6 balls out of the park. He has earned a batting average when batting of .201 in addition to holding an OPS of .608. He has compiled an on-base percentage of .282 with 22 walks and 71 K’s. So far this season, Adam Eaton has hit in 30 runs and has compiled a slugging percentage of .327.

Yastrzemski has compiled 70 bases in total with 39 base hits out of 154 at-bats. He has recorded an on-base percentage of .315 in addition to 13 free passes and 47 K’s. Over the course of this season, Mike Yastrzemski has hit in 16 runs and also has accrued a slugging percentage of .455. He has notched 27 runs this year and has hit 6 balls over the fence. He has tallied a batting average at the plate of .253 while having an OPS of .770.

Adam Eaton (2021)StatMike Yastrzemski (2023)
83Games Played42
288Plate Appearances169
38Runs Scored27
6Home Runs6
30Runs Batted In16
3Stolen Bases0
0Caught Stealing2
.201Batting Average.253
.282On-Base Percentage.315
.327Slugging Percentage.455
83Total Bases70
6Grounded Into Double Play2
7Hit By Pitch1