Adam Thielen vs Tim Patrick Stats

Adam Thielen Career Tim Patrick
122 Games Played 55
697 Targets 236
485 Receptions 143
69.6% Catch Percentage 60.6%
6,187 Receiving Yards 2,009
12.8 Yards Per Reception 14.0
50 Touchdowns 12
315 1st Downs 101
71 Longest Catch 61
8.9 Yards Per Target 8.5
4.0 Receptions Per Game 2.6
50.7 Receiving Yards Per Game 36.5

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Thielen has racked up 6,187 yards through the air in 122 games throughout his career. He has caught 485 passes thrown his way which means he averages 12.8 YPC. His longest catch of his career went for 71 yards and he’s been able to catch 69.6% of the balls thrown to him. Thielen (50 TD’s through the air) has an average of 50.7 yards per contest receiving and he has 4.0 receptions per contest in his career.

Tim Patrick stepped onto the field in 55 contests throughout his career. His percentage of caught passes sat at 60.6% and he got there by catching 143 of the 236 passes that went his way. He earned 2,009 yards and had an average of 14.0 yards per reception. In his pro football career, Patrick caught 12 touchdowns and had a long reception of 61 yards. His catches per game and yards per game average were 2.6 and 36.5 yards.

Adam Thielen (2022) Most Recent Season Tim Patrick (2021)
4 Games Played 16
28 Targets 85
21 Receptions 53
75.0% Catch Percentage 62.4%
221 Receiving Yards 734
10.5 Yards Per Reception 13.8
1 Touchdowns 5
16 1st Downs 39
22 Longest Catch 44
7.9 Yards Per Target 8.6
5.3 Receptions Per Game 3.3
55.3 Receiving Yards Per Game 45.9

Thielen has accounted for 221 receiving yds this year. His receptions per game and yards per game average are 5.3 and 55.3 yards. Up to this point, Thielen has pulled in 1 receiving touchdown and has a long reception of 22 yds. He has earned 221 yards for the year and has earned an average of 10.5 yards per catch. His catch percentage thus far is 75.0% and he has that by catching 21 out of the 28 passes that were attempted. Thielen has laced them up in 4 games for the campaign.

Patrick recorded 734 receiving yards. Tim Patrick (5 touchdowns) had an average of 45.9 yds per game receiving and he had 3.3 catches per contest. His longest catch in his last season went for 44 yds and he was able to catch 62.4% of the balls thrown in his direction. He snatched 53 passes for an average of 13.8 YPC. Patrick racked up 734 yards as a receiver in his 16 contests in his last year.