Ankle Guards

Ankle pain is a common problem with Muay Thai, MMA, and other type of fighting sports, but that pain can be greatly reduced if you get yourself a solid set of ankle guards. Some fighters take their ankles for granted when they are training and when they’re in competitions, but that’s only okay when you have ankle guards taking some of that stress off of your lower leg.

So, what should you be looking for in your next set of ankle guards? Well, first of all they have to do the job of absorbing the strikes that you deliver and take. They also have to be breathable since you don’t want to feel overheated or weighted down by them. Lastly, they absolutely have to be comfortable to the point that you don’t even notice them there. If you check all of these boxes, you should end up with a pair of ankle guards that you are very happy to own.

Below you will find five of the top ankle guards that you can buy for any type of combat sport. The truth is that you would probably be satisfied with any of these five ankle guards, but you will want to look over the differences between them so you can increase your chances of getting exactly what you want. No matter what you choose, you should be very happy with these top ankle guards for training and for fighting.

Sanabul BattleForged Striking Gel Ankle Guard

Sanabul actually has a bunch of great ankle guards, but their BattleForged line is easily the most popular. They were designed for sparring and training and are seen by those in the fighting world as being some of the top ankle guards around. One of the most unique features on the BattleForged ankle guards is their gel-filled foot grip, which was designed to both protect the foot and ankle and be extremely comfortable for long training sessions. They are very lightweight, so you won’t even feel them on your legs.


– Gel used for extra protection for foot and lower leg
– Ankle compression and support
– Foot pads on the bottoms provide excellent grip
– Stretchable material for comfortable movement
– Conforms to ankle and doesn’t slip
– Made for training and for dealing with any type of ankle pain
– 2 different sizes (small/medium and large/extra-large)
– Ships as a pair

Venum Muay Thai/Kick Boxing Ankle Support Guard

These Venum ankle guards are perhaps the lightest guards that you can buy, but they also provide plenty of protection. They are made of cotton so they feel like a traditional pair of socks but they provide the protection and stability found in most of the thicker ankle guards on the market right now. They are also quite affordable despite being used by a lot of pro fighters. On top of all of that, these ankle guards also have a nice look to them and come in many different colors.


– Made of high quality cotton fabric
– Lightweight
– Provides ankle stability and protection
– Designed to conform to any ankle for comfortable fit
– One size fits all
– 9 different color options
– Ships as a pair

Anthem Athletics Raptor Ankle Supports

The one-size-fits-all Anthem Athletics Raptor Ankle Supports are yet another example of highly affordable ankle guards that just get the job done. What makes them different than the others on this list is that they are made of a unique stretch material that stretches to conform to your feet, making them extremely comfortable regardless of your size. Don’t worry about them staying stretched out, either, as they are designed to retract when they’re off of your feet without gaining any slack. These ankle guards are also fully machine washable and you can get them in five sleek colors.


– Made from a unique synthetic material
– Optimal foot and ankle support
– Designed for performance, not recovery
– One size fits all
– 5 different color options
– Machine washable
– Ships as a pair
– Money back guarantee

Pro Impact Muay Thai MMA Ankle Support Wraps

Made of high quality breathable cotton, these Pro Impact Support Wraps are all the rage with kickboxers and mix martial artists. They are a bit thicker than the other ankle guards on this page, but they have a very secure fit around the feet and ankles and they were built to withstand wear and tear. Most importantly, these Pro Impact ankle guards were designed to protect your ankles and feet from every type of impact, allowing you to focus on training rather than worrying about any type of injury. They come in two sizes that should fit most adult feet and they should last many years.


– Made of high quality cotton fabric
– Breathable and comfortable
– Very durable
– Designed for injury recovery and performance
– Elastic design ensures secure fit on both ankle and lower instep
– 2 different sizes (medium and large)
– Color: Black
– Ships as a pair

RDX Ankle Support MMA Brace Foot Guard

The first thing that you will notice when you look at these RDX foot guards is that they have a very unique look to them. The company calls it a “batwing” design, which means that they wrap around the feet in a way that makes them stick and never slip. They are made of a mix of polyester, rayon and elastic materials, which when combined provide a breathable fabric that also stretches as you move. They come in four different sizes and five different colors.


– Made of polyester, rayon and elastic materials
– Unique batwing design
– Contoured pad gives comfortable, snug fit
– Thick and built to last
– Fit securely on both the ankle and the lower instep thanks to elasticized design
– 4 different sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large)
– 5 different color options
– Ships as a pair

Dragon Do Ankle Supports

The Dragon Do Ankle Supports give the athlete a comfortable fit that completely supports the ankle with, or without, socks on. These will not restrict your movement because they are made of high quality materials that are soft and durable. These ankle guards have a special ergonomic design that supports and provides protection via the compression to the ankle and heel. This is really important if you are going to striking when wearing these.

These ankle guards were made with the athlete in mind. They are great for most sports including football, basketball, MMA and Muay Thai. The key is they are offering the best protection and comfort for your feet. These are affordable and come in a lot of different colors so you can add a little color to your workout or game. We’re big fans of this brand and these ankle guards.


– Fits comfortably with or without socks
– No restriction in movement
– Great compression and ergonomic design for support to the ankle and heel
– Made for athletes and the many sports they play
– Great price that includes two pairs of ankle guards
– For adults and children

Pure Compression Ankle Support Brace

The Pure Compression Ankle Support Brace are another incredible option for those looking for additional ankle support when they train. They are also great if you already have weak ankles or have recently experienced a strain or sprain. This company prides themselves in being an expert in compression and making some of the best compression sleeves on the market for the year.

While these ankle supports are great for athletes, they aren’t just for sports. They are great for people experiencing pain, have week ankles or just want that extra support. They features anti-odor and moisture wicking fabric making them perfect for all day use. You’ll find an incredible fit with the adjustable elastic straps and each sleeve will help to improve blood flow.


– Perfect fit with adjustable strap to get that tight fit
– Full mobility and support – these ankle guards stabilize and support the ankle area without restricting movement
– Anti-odor and moisture wicking fabric that makes these ankle guards great for all day wear
– Advanced compression technology offers stability and support
– If you’re not satisfied, contact the manufacturer and you will get a full refund

Lorsoul Taekwondo Foot Protector Gear

The Lorsoul Foot Protector Gear will work for almost any sport and offers support for men, women and children alike. These ankle supports are made of high quality PU materials for long lasting durability. They offer incredible protection to the instep, ankles and toes which make these a critical part of your training. The half finger design is there so you have no restrictions when it comes to mobility. These are comfortable and easy to wear in any of the sports you play and you don’t have to worry about your toes slipping because the toes, as well as the back and front part of the soles are exposed. Some of the sports these find the most use in include MMA, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and sparring/training sessions.


– Made of premium synthetic PU leather, lycra and EVA sponge
– Comfortable and breathable grip for long use and great protection
– This is a must have for raining with the half finger design to ensure flexibility
– Excellent foot construction for long lasting use and durability
– Moisture absorbing lining to keep your foot dry and to prevent slippage

Adams Muay Thai Ankle Guard

The Adams Muay Thai Ankle Guard is compression support for active movers and people that are active on their feet. These ankle guards offer better support and safety through extra strong stitching. The bandage features elastic material to adapt and conform to the contours of the feet. These ankle guards are suitable for all contact sports and can also be used for other sports like running, basketball and football to name a few. This is a unisex bandage that can be used by adults or children


– Offers incredible ankle protection and stability with the high quality build
– Special ankle support available in black, blue and red colors
– Great for all combat sports and other sports that include a great deal of movement on the feet

G-Form Pro-X Ankle Guard

The G-Form Pro-X Ankle Guard offer technology not usually seen in an ankle guard. The G-Form’s technology is revolutionary in that it is designed to offer incredible protection without restricting movement. The body mapped RPT padding makes sure that the parts of your ankle that are the most vulnerable are going to be the spots that are the best protected. These ankle guards have an articulated and low profile design that allows them to form to the contours of your body. Each fit is unique and you’ll notice the difference when you try them.


– Protective with the proprietary RPT pads that are made for impact
– Flexibility in these ankle supports with the signature second skin fit that keeps you free to move
– Lightweight design
– Breathable material to let the heat escape
– Offers a secure fit
– Low profile so that you’ll barely know them

Twins Special Ankle Guard

The Twins Special Ankle Guards will offer support and protection to your ankles in many of the sports you might find it valuable including kickboxing, MMA, boxing and Muay Thai to name a few. These ankle guards are available in many colors so you can also add a little flair. These high end ankle supports are fairly elastic to offer a better fit around the bends and curves of your feet. They also offer the athlete extremely strong stitching for more safety and better support, in addition to a deluxe cotton make for total comfort. These ankle guards are able to take on the wear and tear of a training session so you can focus on your improvement instead of whether your ankles are supported.


– The blend of cotton, Spandex and Polyester create a super elastic ankle guard
– Made in Thailand – the home of Muay Thai
– Features extra strong stitching for better safety and support
– Deluxe cotton build offers a great deal of support

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