Anthony Rizzo vs Brandon Belt Stats

In his MLB career, Rizzo has hit 295 balls out of the park while knocking in 930 runs. Over the course of his pro career, he stepped up to bat 6,961 times and came through with a base base knock 1,567 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .474 and he has totaled 2,822 bases. He has gone down on strikes 1,143 times and has been walked on 754 at-bats, which contributes in part to a .364 OBP. Rizzo has accrued an average at the plate of .263 for his career in addition to 884 runs scored and an OPS of .838.

Over the course of the 4,712 official at-bats in his professional career, Belt has an average at the plate of .260 in addition to having 1,226 hits. He has gone yard 191 times, with 2,160 total bases and also a .458 slugging percentage. Belt has drawn a walk 678 times while striking out on 1,340 occasions. He has compiled 678 runs and also has 622 runs batted in. His on-base percentage comes in at .357 and he is the owner of a career OPS of .815.

Anthony Rizzo vs Brandon Belt Stats

Anthony RizzoCareerBrandon Belt
1,635Games Played1,408
6,961Plate Appearances5,465
295Home Runs191
930Runs Batted In622
72Stolen Bases47
44Caught Stealing21
.263Batting Average.260
.364On-Base Percentage.357
.474Slugging Percentage.458
2,822Total Bases2,160
142Grounded Into Double Plays64
213Hit By Pitch47

For the year, Rizzo has tallied 45 runs, accounted for 41 RBI and has hit 12 home runs. He has fanned 97 times while amassing 141 bases in total. He has tallied an OPS of 0.706 and a slugging percentage of .378. He has taken a base 35 times and is sitting with an OBP of .328. Rizzo has accounted for 91 base knocks out of 373 at-bats for a batting average of .244.

Belt has compiled 150 total bases with 80 base knocks out of 322 at-bats. He has scored 50 runs this season and has drilled 16 balls over the fence. He has compiled a batting average at the plate of .248 while having an OPS of .834. He has accounted for an OBP of .368 as well as 61 free passes and 135 K’s. For the current season, Brandon Belt has batted in 38 runs and also is sitting with a slugging percentage of .466.

Anthony Rizzo (2023)StatBrandon Belt (2023)
99Games Played98
421Plate Appearances386
45Runs Scored50
12Home Runs16
41Runs Batted In38
0Stolen Bases0
3Caught Stealing0
.244Batting Average.248
.328On-Base Percentage.368
.378Slugging Percentage.466
141Total Bases150
10Grounded Into Double Play5
12Hit By Pitch1