Anthony Rizzo vs Jeimer Candelario Stats

Rizzo has earned a batting average of .266 for his baseball career in addition to 869 scored runs and an OPS of .848. Over the course of his pro career, he stepped up to bat 6,769 times and has notched a hit 1,538 times. His career slugging percentage is .481 and he has totaled 2,784 bases. For his MLB career, Rizzo has slapped 294 balls out of the park while driving in 921 runs. He has struck out 1,099 times and earned a walk on 737 occasions, contributing to a .367 on-base %.

Candelario has earned a walk 255 times while fanning on 632 occasions. His OBP comes in at .323 and he holds a lifetime OPS of .729. He has accumulated 308 runs in addition to having earned 273 runs batted in. He has hit a home run 73 times, in addition to having 969 total bases and a .406 slugging percentage. Over the course of the 2,387 at-bats in his pro career, Candelario is sitting with a batting average of .243 and has racked up 579 base hits.

Anthony Rizzo vs Jeimer Candelario Stats

Anthony RizzoCareerJeimer Candelario
1,589Games Played659
6,769Plate Appearances2,689
294Home Runs73
921Runs Batted In273
72Stolen Bases8
43Caught Stealing5
.266Batting Average.243
.367On-Base Percentage.323
.481Slugging Percentage.406
2,784Total Bases969
137Grounded Into Double Plays34
207Hit By Pitch35

Rizzo has 103 total bases with 62 base hits out of 204 at-bats. He has an on-base percentage of .376 with 18 walks and 53 strikeouts. Since the beginning of the season, Anthony Rizzo has knocked in 32 runs and has accounted for a slugging percentage of .505. He has notched 30 runs so far this year and has hit 11 balls over the fence. He has earned a batting average when batting of .304 in addition to having an OPS of .880.

Candelario has accounted for 94 total bases with 54 hits out of 204 at-bats. He has notched 25 runs on the year and has drilled 7 balls out of the park. He has amassed a batting average of .265 while holding an OPS of .797. He has amassed an on-base percentage of .336 as well as 18 free passes and 45 K’s. For this campaign, Jeimer Candelario has batted in 25 runs and also has recorded a slugging percentage of .461.

Anthony Rizzo (2023)StatJeimer Candelario (2023)
53Games Played53
229Plate Appearances229
30Runs Scored25
11Home Runs7
32Runs Batted In25
0Stolen Bases1
2Caught Stealing0
.304Batting Average.265
.376On-Base Percentage.336
.505Slugging Percentage.461
103Total Bases94
5Grounded Into Double Play2
6Hit By Pitch5