Anthony Rizzo vs Matt Olson Stats

In his MLB career, Rizzo has slapped 294 baseballs over the fence while driving in 921 runs. Over the course of his pro career, he faced a pitcher 6,785 times and has reached base with a base hit 1,539 times. He has compiled a slugging percentage of .481 and he has totaled 2,785 bases. He has fanned 1,105 times and earned a walk on 739 occasions, contributing to a .366 on-base percentage. Rizzo has recorded a batting average of .266 for his time in baseball in addition to 871 scored runs and an OPS of .847.

During the 2,892 official at-bats in his pro career, Olson has compiled an average at the plate of .248 with 718 hits. His OBP sits at .344 and he holds a career OPS of .847. He has compiled 454 runs and also has 519 runs batted in. Olson has earned a walk 391 times while striking out on 807 plate appearances. He has homered 193 times, with 1,456 bases in total and also a .503 slugging percentage.

Anthony Rizzo vs Matt Olson Stats

Anthony RizzoCareerMatt Olson
1,593Games Played798
6,785Plate Appearances3,343
294Home Runs193
921Runs Batted In519
72Stolen Bases8
43Caught Stealing2
.266Batting Average.248
.366On-Base Percentage.344
.481Slugging Percentage.503
2,785Total Bases1,456
137Grounded Into Double Plays68
207Hit By Pitch41

So far this year, Rizzo has notched 32 runs, accrued 32 RBI and has hit 11 home runs. He has taken a base 20 times and has accrued an OBP of .363. Rizzo has a tally of 63 base knocks out of 218 AB’s and holds a batting average of .289. He has gone down swinging 59 times while accruing 104 total bases. He has amassed an OPS of 0.840 with a slugging % of .477.

So far this season, Olson has notched 45 runs, amassed 43 runs batted in and has 17 home runs. He has gotten a free base 44 times and sports an on-base percentage of .360. Olson has earned 53 hits out of 228 AB’s and holds a batting average of .232. He has gone down on strikes 82 times while racking up 116 bases in total. He has tallied an OPS of 0.869 and a SLG of .509.

Anthony Rizzo (2023)StatMatt Olson (2023)
57Games Played61
245Plate Appearances275
32Runs Scored45
11Home Runs17
32Runs Batted In43
0Stolen Bases1
2Caught Stealing0
.289Batting Average.232
.363On-Base Percentage.360
.477Slugging Percentage.509
104Total Bases116
5Grounded Into Double Play5
6Hit By Pitch2