Anthony Santander vs Nick Castellanos Stats

In his career, Santander has drilled 92 balls out of the park while driving in 271 runs. Over the course of his pro career, he came to the plate 2,017 times and has notched a hit 457 times. His slugging percentage is .459 in addition to racking up 845 bases. He has been struck out 418 times and has gotten a free base on 136 occasions, which contributes in part to a .306 OBP. Santander has hit .249 for his career with 237 scored runs and an OPS of .766.

Castellanos has drawn a walk 339 times while fanning on 1,220 occasions. His OBP comes in at .327 and he has earned a career OPS of .800. He has tallied 631 runs and has 684 runs batted in. He has gone deep 186 times, with 2,296 total bases and also a .474 slugging %. Over the course of the 4,847 official at-bats in his MLB career, Castellanos has a batting average of .277 in addition to having 1,343 base hits.

Anthony Santander vs Nick Castellanos Stats

Anthony SantanderCareerNick Castellanos
490Games Played1,277
2,017Plate Appearances5,262
92Home Runs186
271Runs Batted In684
4Stolen Bases23
6Caught Stealing20
.249Batting Average.277
.306On-Base Percentage.327
.459Slugging Percentage.474
845Total Bases2,296
33Grounded Into Double Plays102
24Hit By Pitch37

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For the season, Santander has tallied 26 runs, recorded 33 RBI and has hit 9 home runs. He has gotten a free base 23 times and sports an OBP of .354. Santander has recorded 54 base knocks in 195 AB’s and holds a batting average of .277. He has fanned 55 times while racking up 98 total bases. He has earned an OPS of 0.857 and a slugging % of .503.

For the current season, Nick Castellanos has batted in 28 runs and is sitting with a slugging percentage of .453. He is sitting with an on-base percentage of .338 in addition to 16 free passes and 60 strikeouts. Castellanos is sitting with 97 bases in total with 62 hits out of 214 at-bats. He has accrued a batting average of .290 while having an OPS of .791. He has a total of 35 runs on the campaign and has drilled 5 balls over the fence.

Anthony Santander (2023)StatNick Castellanos (2023)
52Games Played55
223Plate Appearances231
26Runs Scored35
9Home Runs5
33Runs Batted In28
1Stolen Bases2
0Caught Stealing2
.277Batting Average.290
.354On-Base Percentage.338
.503Slugging Percentage.453
98Total Bases97
4Grounded Into Double Play2
2Hit By Pitch0