Balance Balls

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

If you are interested in improving your balance amongst upgrading many other parts of your life, a balance ball may be the answer for you. Balance balls are very beneficial when it comes to improving your balance as well as helping you maintain good posture. Not only will you be helping yourself just by sitting on the ball, you can learn different ways of working out that involves using the balance ball.

The balance ball can also help you with physical rehabilitation. Many people that have office jobs or work from home have been switching their office chairs with a balance ball for the purpose of it helping to maintain proper posture. You will no longer have to worry about lower back pain once you have a balance ball. It is suggested that if you purchase a balance ball, you look up different techniques on how to workout with it and how to use the ball. Down below are some of the best balance balls out there on the market brought to you by different companies who are all highly rated.

DEVEBOR Exercise Ball for Yoga Balance and Fitness

The DEVEBOR Exercise Ball is a product that is brought to you by the company DEVBOR. Like many of DEVBOR’s products, this one is sure not to disappoint. This balance ball is great for those who are getting into yoga or are already a big yoga fanatic. This ball will also hold anyone’s weight, with a weight limit of up to 2000 pounds, this ball will not pop or deflate very easily. Some balance balls out there are too slick and it is easy for you to simply slip off of the ball. This ball however is made with a textured, soft, slip resistant material that will keep you right in place.


– Durable, holds up to 2000 pounds
– Relieves back pain
– Helps maintain posture when sitting down
– Improve your balance
– Strengthen your core
– Includes air pump

ProBody Pilates Exercise Ball

The ProBody Pilates Exercise Ball is a product that is brought to you by the company ProBody Pilates. This balance ball is one that is used by professionals and pilate instructors everywhere. One of the highest rated balls on the market, this ball is perfect for physical therapy, maintaining good posture, and exercising with. This ball comes in an array of different colors that will best suit you. Replace your office chair with this ball and you will see results almost instantly. This is a great ball for relieving back pain.


– Recommended by physical therapists and and trainers
– Free from harmful material
– Burst resistant, if burst in less than 90 days you will get money back
– Includes a ball pump
– Includes a balance ball video to give you tips

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is a balance ball that is brought to you by the company Live infinitely. Depending on how big of a ball you want, you can choose your own size before ordering. Sizes include 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, and 95cm. Not only do you get to choose your own size, the ball is burst resistant and can hold up to 2100 pounds.


– Durable, guaranteed to last for years
– Can withstand up to 2100 pounds of pressure
– Comes in multiple sizes
– Helps maintain posture
– Comes in many different colors

Yogu Stability Exercise Ball

The Yogu Stability Exercise Ball is a ball that is brought to you by the company YOGU. This company specializes in yoga equipment and gear, and what it comes to balancing balls, there is no one better to purchase from than them. Coming in multiple colors and sizes, these balls can support everyone of all different shapes and sizes. This ball is made from a durable, long lasting and non toxic material and will not pop under pressures of up to 2000 pounds. This is a balance ball that will really push you to your limits.


– Relieves lower back pain
– Helps maintain posture
– Durable and long lasting, can take up to 2000 pounds of pressure
– Multiple workouts can be done with this ball
– Great for your whole body

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball

The Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball is a product that is brought to you by the company Gaiam. Like many of Gaiam’s products, this balance ball will not be one to disappoint. This balance ball has absolutely everything you could ask for in a product such as this. The material is manmade and free of any harmful or toxic elements. The ball itself can take an outstanding amount of pressure of up to 2000 pounds without popping, making this ball useful for people of all sizes. Coming in whatever size will suit you most, this balance ball is easy to use and will show improvement in balance, posture, and stability almost instantly.


– Comes in all sizes
– Includes air pump and pilates DVD as a workout guide
– Instructions on best use
– Durable
– Non slip material

URBNFit Exercise Ball

The URBNFit Exercise Ball is a product that is brought to you by the company URBNFit. This exercise ball has textured grip on the outside to assure you will not slip or fall too easily from the ball itself. This professional design allows the user to not only stay on the ball without slipping but for the ball to not slip on areas such as carpeted floors. Made with the highest quality PVC material, you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product, that is a guarantee. Includes air pump.


– Textured grip
– Non toxic PVC material
– Easy to use for everyone
– Comes in different sizes
– Workout guide comes free of charge, along with an air pump

PROMIC Exercise Ball

The PROMIC Exercise Ball is a product that is brought to you by the company PROMIC. This balancing ball is made with a durable and anti burst material that is non toxic and safe to use against the skin. If you are looking for a balancing ball that you can do numerous new workouts on, this is the perfect ball for you. Change the way you sit down by replacing your chair with this ball, it will help maintain your good posture. Coming in multiple different colors, choose the ball that suits you best.


– Anti burst material can take up to 2000 pounds of pressure
– Made with non toxic materials
– Will not irritate skin
– Great for yoga and Pilates