Belay Device

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

A belay device is one of the most important pieces of equipment for climbing that you can get your hands on and we want you to get the best one that you can for what you need. These belay devices you are about to see can be used catching top rope laps and sport climbing falls at the local gym, as well as for belaying aid routes and multi-pitch trad on the highest peaks you can think of. Whether you are hanging from and anchor or on the ground, a solid belay device is really important.

If you are looking for information on what belay devices rappel and lower the smoothest, handle the thinnest and widest ropes and pay out slack really easily, this will be the spot for you to check it out. You are also going to want something that that has had the auto-block resistance, durability and measured weight tested. Every one of these models is a little different based on price and your climbing preference so make sure you pick the right belay device for you.

Check out our list of highly rated belay devices below!

Oumers Rappel Gear Downhill Equipment Belay Device

Not only is this a reasonably priced belay device but it is a solid product as well. Perfect for beginners, this repelling and climbing device will work well for you. It will allow you to belay from below a climb while controling the rate that you will be rappelling down. It’s made of Magnesium and Aluminum alloy forging with surfaced anodized oxidation. Not only is it lightweight but it is durable as well. For the price, you won’t find many that are better than the belay device by Oumers.


– CE Certification
– 25KN rated strength
– Made of Aluminum and magnesium alloy forging
– Made for a rope with an 8 to 11mm diameter
– Durable: Resists getting caught between ropes because it holds its shape
– ATC designed for a smooth feed when abseiling or belaying
– Great for outdoor training, hiking, caving, rescue, high altitude operations, rock climbing and canyoning

NAXEN Belay Device Double Slot ATC 25kN HMS Locking Carabiner

This is a great little belay device for around $20 and Naxen has once again come out with a solid climbing product. This device is compact and lightweight, coming in at around 2.25 ounces. It will reduce your load while leading. It’s V-grooved design and the toothed channel makes it so the rope is easier to control. To add to that, the Naxen belay device is really rope friendly. The ATC will not impede the maneuvers of the rope because of its smooth finish and rounded edge channel. It also comes with an HMS locking carabiner for a perfect pairing.

If you are looking for something reasonably priced that will keep you safe, this is the product for you.


– Material – Aluminum ally
– Standard finish – anodized
– Rope diameter – 8 to 11mm / 3.15 to 4.33 inches
– Comes in green or purple

Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device

And here we go again with another fantastic product by Black Diamond. The Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay device comes in at around $20. This belay device has an updated construction and multiple friction modes, it has machined windows through the whole body and the is 30% lighter than the original. The high friction mode offers three times the stopping power and greater hold so you know you will be safe. The cable is extremely durable as well and will hold its shape while it resists getting caught up between the ropes.


– 30% lighter than original with same proven quality
– High friction mode offers triple the amount of stopping power and hold
– Weight savings through machined windows
– The cable is durable and resists getting caught up between the ropes all while holding its shape
– This design takes ropes between 7.7 and 11mm

GM CLIMBING Micro Belay Device V-Grooved

GM Climbing’s Micro Belay Device is a great option for any climber. Even though they are not as big a name as some of the other manufacturers, we can promise that you are getting a quality product. This package comes with the belay device and a 25kN HMS twist locking carabiner. This belay device is ultra lightweight coming in at just 2.24 ounces which will make it really easy to carry around and lighten your rack. In addition, the toothed channel will make for more friction when braking and allow for use with a skinnier rope. Many of the belay devices offer these features but for the price, you won’t find many better.


– Great for your rope with rounded and smooth edges and corners
– The V-grooved slots allow the rope to run through the belay smoothly when you are climbing
– It’s compact and lightweight. Takes up very little space in your rack and is easy to carry
– The teethed channel allows the belay to work on smaller ropes (8 to 11mm) and the channel will create more friction to make rope control much easier
– Effective breaking to twin, single and half ropes because of the double slots

Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device

The final belay device to make our list is the Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device. Petzl is well know for quality and for under $100, you are getting one of the best on the market. The diagrams that come with the device are very straight forward but make sure to take your time when lacing it up with rope. The friction goes one way on this belay so make sure you get the rope going in the right direction. The construction of this product is outstanding as well. There is some plastic but the outer shell is metal and protects against drops. It locks up more automatically than your standard belay device so you should feel safer.

This belay device is top notch


– Works with ropes between 8.9 and 11mm
– Progressive descent control offers even and smooth lowering action
– Auto-lock Grigri2 makes you feel safer