Ben Roethlisberger vs Justin Fields Stats

Roethlisberger passed for 418 touchdowns compared to 211 interceptions and the longest throw of his career went for 97 yds. His touchdown percentage on pass attempts was 5.0% and his interception percentage was 2.5%. He lost a total of 3,677 yds while being the victim of a quarterback sack 554 times. He averaged 257.4 yards per contest through the air with a 94.0 QB rating. In the 249 games in his career, Roethlisberger was successful on 5,440 of 8,443 attempts for a total of 64,088 yds.

In 30 games in his career, Fields has completed 402 of 676 attempts for a total of 4,638 yds. He is averaging 154.6 yards per contest through the air with a 73.2 quarterback rating. Fields has thrown 27 TD’s while tossing 25 interceptions and the longest pass of his career went for 64 yds. He’s lost a combined 704 yards while being the victim of a QB sack 104 different times. His TD percentage on pass attempts is 4.0% and his interception percentage is 3.7%.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Justin Fields Stats

Ben RoethlisbergerCareerJustin Fields
249Games Played30
8,443Pass Attempts676
64.4%Completion %59.5%
64,088Passing Yards4,638
418Passing Touchdowns27
5.0%Touchdown Percentage4.0%
2.5%Interception Percentage3.7%
97Longest Pass64
7.6Yards Per Pass Attempt6.9
7.5Adjusted Yards Per Pass Attempt6.0
11.8Yards Per Completion11.5
257.4Passing Yards Per Game154.6
94.0Quarterback Rating73.2
554Times Sacked104
3,677Yards Lost by Sack704
6.7Net Yards Per Pass Attempt5.0
6.6Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt4.3
6.2%Sack Percentage13.3%

In his final year, Roethlisberger threw for a total of 3,740 yds with 22 TDs and 10 interceptions. He was sacked 43 different times totaling 258 yds lost behind the line of scrimmage. He had a quarterback rating of 84.8 with a TD percentage of 3.6% and an interception percentage of 1.7%. His longest completion went for 59 yards and he passed for 233.8 yards per contest. Roethlisberger completed 390 of his attempted 605 throws in his last season for a completion percentage of 64.5%.

Fields has passed for 3 touchdowns this year while tossing 4 interceptions and his longest completion of the year went for 33 yds. His TD percentage is 3.4% and his interception rate is 4.5%. He has lost 81 yards while being the victim of a QB sack 13 different times. He is averaging 175.3 yds per game through the air with a 67.7 quarterback rating. In his 3 contests played this year, Fields has been successful on 51 of 88 attempts for a total of 526 yds.

Ben Roethlisberger (2021)Most Recent SeasonJustin Fields (2023)
16Games Played3
605Pass Attempts88
64.5%Completion %58.0%
3,740Passing Yards526
22Passing Touchdowns3
3.6%Touchdown Percentage3.4%
1.7%Interception Percentage4.5%
59Longest Pass33
6.2Yards Per Pass Attempt6.0
6.2Adjusted Yards Per Pass Attempt4.6
9.6Yards Per Completion10.3
233.8Passing Yards Per Game175.3
84.8Quarterback Rating67.7
43Times Sacked13
258Yards Lost by Sack81
5.4Net Yards Per Pass Attempt12.9
5.4Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt4.4
7.1%Sack Percentage14.8%