Bike Storage Racks

A bike rack is an essential thing to have if you are an avid bike rider. Most people that are really involved with riding will have more than one bike, but even if you only have one bike, you are going to want a nice place to store it. There is nothing worse than tripping over a tire or jamming your hip into the handle bars of a bike that is leaning against the wall. In addition, the bike can be damaged if it isn’t stored properly. With the cost of bike racks these days, it isn’t worth it to not have one.

However, there are a lot of options out there and your decision might depend on how many bikes you need to store and what kind of space you want to use. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best bike racks out there right now. We hope this list helps you to make a more informed decision.

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

This Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is a great design for a bicycle storage rack. The upright design lets you conveniently store you bicycle instantly without taking up barely any space at all. You will now be able to fit your bicycle in those smaller areas in a handstand position, this will take up no space at all and you can store this anywhere you find necessary. This design will prevent your bicycle from getting damaged or scratched, many bicycle racks will scuff your bicycle, this one however will do just the opposite and protect your bicycle from anything that could possible cause damage. This bicycle storage rack will be able to fit any bicycle you may need to store, with an adjustable height mechanism, you will be able to custom fit your bicycle in its proper place.


– Frees up to 4 feet of added storage space
– Fits anywhere you find suitable, takes up no room at all
– Will not scuff or scratch your bicycle
– Adjustable rack can fit any size bicycle with any size wheel
– Keep your bicycle inside and safe

Omni Bike Storage Rack

This heavy duty bicycle rack is perfect for anyone that has multiple bicycles that they do not know what to do with, or where to store them. This bike rack has the capability of holding up to 200 pounds worth of gear, typically, you will be able to fit 5 bicycles and anything else that you may need to keep organized and stored. Not only can you fit your mountain bikes, you can fit your speed bikes, beach bikes, and road hybrids. This rack fits perfectly inside of a garage or anywhere you find is safe to store your bicycles. Customize the length of the rack with a 46’’ wall track for your storing needs. This rack is very durable and will last for a lifetime of use.


– Capable of holding up to 200 pounds of bicycles and gear
– Holds up to 5 bicycles
– Adjustable track to store against your wall, 46’’
– Great to store inside of garage or other open area
– Heavy duty and will last for many years

Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity Stand

If you are looking for an easy to install bicycle rack for the couple of bicycles you have, this bicycle rack will be able to do just that. Being able to hold up to two separate bicycles, this rack can be placed anywhere you find suitable. This rack will stack your bicycles on top of each other without them actually touching, this results in being able to minimize the area in which you are storing your bicycles. With adjustable arms, you will be able to control how far up off the ground your bicycles will be, this can help if you do not want the wheels or bottom of the bike being disturbed by anything near the rack.


– Conveniently stores up to two bicycles and takes up barely any space
– Perfect for storing anywhere in the house or in the garage
– Easy to install
– Adjustable arms for custom fitting
– Rubber bumpers to protect the wall or surrounding objects

Dirza Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount

The Dirza Bike Rack is a great investment if you are looking to properly store your bicycles without damaging them or taking up too much space. With a hook on the top of the rack, you will be able to simply hook this rack up to your garage wall or wherever you find suitable, then from here you can place your bicycle on the rack vertically, hanging from the wall. Each rack will be able to hold up to 65 pounds of weight. Each rubber hook has a rubber padding wrapped around it, this ensures that nothing becomes scratched or damaged in the process of hanging your bicycles.


– Perfect for storing in your garage
– Padded rubber hook to ensure no damage
– Holds up to 65 pounds per rack
– Built to last for a lifetime of use
– Easy to install

Simple Houseware 5 Bike Floor Parking

The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Floor Parking is a great product if you have multiple bicycles that you need to organize and store properly. This bike rack looks as if it were a bicycle rack you would see at a park. Easy to assemble and will keep your bike damage free as well as the objects around it. Simple ride your bicycle up to the stand and leave it to the rack from there. Being able to hold up to 5 bicycles in total, this bike rack is great to have set up in the garage or anywhere else you could find suitable. Made with stainless steel, this bicycle rack will be safe to leave outdoors without getting rusty or become damaged due to the weather.


– Holds up to 5 bicycles at a time
– Easy to install and will keep bicycles damage free
– Great to use inside the garage or outside
– Made with stainless steel, the weather will not harm this bicycle rack
– Organize and keeps your bicycles out of the way

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