Boxing Shorts

If you are thinking about starting up boxing, there are some pieces of equipment you should have. The obvious things you need are boxing gloves, a mouthpiece and boxing shoes. However, many people forget about boxing shorts. Maybe they don’t know the benefits or just figured they are the same as any other pair of shorts but this just isn’t true.

Despite their oversized looks and gaudy designs, there are some reasons that people wear boxing shorts and it’s not just to look fancy. Boxing shorts keep you comfortable and cool while you’re in the ring. Because of their size, you get a lot of air flow and don’t overheat. Another reason they are so big is so they can fit the groin protector in there without being seen. These big shorts also reduce the target area for the opponent. You will often see many fighters pull those shorts up as high as they can go because you’re not supposed to hit under the belt.

All that being said, we know there are a lot of choice so below is a list of some of our favorite and highest rated boxing shorts on the market for 2019. You will find a description of the shorts as well as a list of the features that make them unique. We hope this list makes your shopping experience a little easier.

Rocky Balboa Men’s Apollo Movie Boxing American Flag Shorts

Let’s start this list off with the Rocky Balboa Men’s American Flag Boxing Shorts. You can’t have a list of boxing shorts without the legendary shorts that Rocky wore in the movies. While these may be more of a novelty item, they are fun to wear in the gym and they look great. They even say ‘Balboa’ across the belt area. If you are a patriot and relish the days when Rocky Balboa was the greatest boxer in the world, these shorts might be the ones for you. These shorts have been said to be a bit on the thin side but for the aesthetics and the memories, these shorts will have the people talking. You can’t get a better pair of shorts for under $20.


– Brings back memories of Rocky Balboa and repping the USA
– Officially licensed and made of 100% polyester
– Print is of the American Flag

Farabi Pro Boxing Shorts

The Farabi Pro Boxing Shorts come in at around $30. These are a great mix of looking great and being functional. These shorts have been designed to give you a soft and smooth feel with the extremely light Satin-P material used in the construction. There is the cool-NT lining within the Nano-Satin fabric to keep y our lower body cool and fresh. These shorts by Farabi augment the overall performance of the fighter and make it easy to move. It’s got a really wide waste band on these shorts that are designed to be used with a stomach guard. Add the anti-microbial properties of these shorts and you’ve got yourself some top of the line boxing shorts.


– Designed specifically for the fighter with a soft and smooth feel
– Nano-Satin fabric keeps the body cool and stress free during your training or fight
– Z-Smart design makes these shorts easy to move in.
– Easy ventilation and moisture control with D-Vento pores

Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunks

The Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunks are great for boxing but also for kickboxing, MMA or other striking sports. Feel like Mike Tyson in these boxing shorts with the jet black look. The waistband on these shorts be considered a little snug but they do this to keep the shorts tight while being active. The fabric on these shorts feel durable and heavy duty. The stitching is very nice and tight which means these shorts will last you a long time and the colors look very sharp. You can easily fit a groin protector under these shorts and it still leaves you room to feel like you can move freely.


– Built to last with very thick and durable satin fabrication
– Internal drawstring allows you to know that your shorts aren’t going to fall down on you
– On the left hem you will find an embroidered pro logo to show off

Contender Fight Sports In-Stock Trunks

The Contender Fight Sports In-Stock Trunks use lightweight poly-satin material that is easy to maintain and clean while looking great. The single 3 inch waist band is designed to hold up under the pressure of fighting and training while staying snug the entire time.

These shorts run small so keep that in mind when buying. We suggest moving one size up to you can be comfortable and be able to fit the groin protector with ease. The material is nice but has been said to not be as strong as some of the other shorts out there so make sure to wash on an easy cycle. For the price, these shorts will do the job.


– Waist band design is a single 3 inch band
– Holds up under pressure and stays snug
– Material is a lightweight poly-satin for a cool training session
– Easy to maintain and they look great

TITLE Professional Boxing Trunks

The TITLE Professional Boxing Trunks come from a company that has been doing this for a long time so you know you getting some quality boxing shorts. For right around $35 you can get your hands on these great looking a functional boxing shorts by Title. They are professionally tailored with a brilliant and ultra rich sheen satin that looks great on anyone. It has a very wide 4 inch waistband that is double the thickness of most boxing shorts for durability. They’ve got five interwoven .5 inch wide strand of professional elastic for a comfortable, non-slip and snug fit. The knee length is professional and they have a 4.5 inch leg slit with an embroidered waistband label.


– Trunks are 100% polyester
– Snug elastic lining and full 4 inch international style waistband
– Extra baggy and long cut with a roomier crotch and hemmed bottoms
– Leg slits are extra-long for a great style
– Built to make sure you can fit a groin protector