Brandon Lowe vs Ronald Acuna Jr. Stats

Brandon LoweCareerRonald Acuna Jr.
330Games Played395
1,314Plate Appearances1,764
76Home Runs105
212Runs Batted In246
17Stolen Bases78
2Caught Stealing21
.255Batting Average.281
.341On-Base Percentage.376
.518Slugging Percentage.549
597Total Bases833
8Grounded Into Double Plays15
20Hit By Pitch28

Lowe has a batting average of .255 in his time in baseball with 191 runs scored and an OPS of .859. For his time in the league, he faced a pitcher 1,314 times and came through with a base base hit 294 times. His slugging percentage sits at .518 in addition to having tallied 597 bases. In his career, Lowe has hit 76 baseballs out of the park while knocking in 212 runs. He has fanned 376 times and has walked on 134 occasions, which has contributed to a .341 OBP.

Over the course of the 1,516 at-bats in his career, Acuna Jr. has accumulated a batting average of .281 in addition to having 426 hits. He has hit it out of the park 105 times, as well as 833 total bases and also a .549 slugging percentage. Acuna Jr. has tallied a walk 208 times while being called out on strikes on 456 attempts. He has amassed 323 runs in addition to having earned 246 RBIs. His on-base percentage is .376 and he also has a career OPS of .925.

Brandon LoweStatRonald Acuna Jr.
149Games Played82
615Plate Appearances360
97Runs Scored72
39Home Runs24
99Runs Batted In52
7Stolen Bases17
1Caught Stealing6
.247Batting Average.283
.340On-Base Percentage.394
.523Slugging Percentage.596
280Total Bases177
2Grounded Into Double Play0
9Hit By Pitch9

Lowe has earned 132 base knocks out of 535 at-bats and holds a batting average of .247. He has walked 68 times and has accumulated an OBP of .340. On the year, Lowe has compiled 97 runs, amassed 99 RBI and has hit 39 home runs. He has recorded an OPS of 0.863 (63rd in the league) in addition to a slugging % of .523. He has fanned 167 times (15th in baseball) while amassing 280 total bases.

Acuna Jr. has compiled 177 total bases with 84 base hits (205th in baseball) in 297 at-bats. He has tallied an OBP of .394 with 49 free passes and 85 strikeouts. Over the course of this year, Acuna Jr. has knocked in 52 runs and has a slugging percentage of .596. He has tallied 72 runs for the year and has hit 24 balls over the fence. He is sitting with a average when batting of .283 with an OPS of .990.