Brooklyn Nets vs Charlotte Hornets Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Brooklyn NetsTeam Offense 2022-23Charlotte Hornets
23Games Played21
948Field Goals867
1,911Field Goal Attempts1,945
49.6%Field Goal Percentage44.6%
2753-Pointers Made218
7363-Point Attempts682
37.4%3-Point Percentage32.0%
6732-Pointers Made649
1,1752-Point Attempts1,263
57.3%2-Point Percentage51.4%
395Free Throws341
490Free Throw Attempts469
80.6%Free Throw Percentage72.7%
167Offensive Rebounds265
752Defensive Rebounds690
919Total Rebounds955
509Personal Fouls442
2,566Points Scored2,293
41.2Field Goals Per Game41.3
83.1Field Goal Attempts Per Game92.6
12.03-Pointers Per Game10.4
32.03-Point Attempts Per Game32.5
29.32-Pointers Made Per Game30.9
51.12-Point Attempts Per Game60.1
17.2Free Throws Per Game16.2
21.3Free Throw Attempts Per Game22.3
7.3Offensive Rebounds Per Game12.6
32.7Defensive Rebounds Per Game32.9
40.0Total Rebounds Per Game45.5
26.3Assists Per Game25.3
7.0Steals Per Game7.6
7.3Blocks Per Game5.0
14.5Turnovers Per Game15.4
22.1Personal Fouls Per Game21.0
111.6Points Per Game109.2

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Brooklyn NetsTeam Defense 2022-23Charlotte Hornets
907Field Goals Allowed890
2,043Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,888
44.4%Field Goal Percentage Allowed47.1%
2943-Pointers Allowed246
7813-Point Attempts Allowed736
37.6%3-Point Percentage Allowed33.4%
6132-Pointers Allowed644
1,2622-Point Attempts Allowed1,152
48.6%2-Point Percentage Allowed55.9%
436Free Throws Allowed397
583Free Throw Attempts Allowed495
74.8%Free Throw Percentage Allowed80.2%
277Offensive Rebounds Allowed233
752Defensive Rebounds Allowed732
1,029Total Rebounds Allowed965
539Assists Allowed544
328Turnovers Forced330
433Personal Fouls438
2,544Points Allowed2,423
39.4Field Goals Allowed Per Game42.4
88.8Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game89.9
12.83-Pointers Allowed Per Game11.7
34.03-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game35.0
26.72-Pointers Allowed Per Game30.7
54.92-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game54.9
19.0Free Throws Allowed Per Game18.9
25.3Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game23.6
12.0Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game11.1
32.7Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game34.9
44.7Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game46.0
23.4Assists Allowed Per Game25.9
14.3Turnovers Forced Per Game15.7
18.8Personal Fouls Per Game20.9
110.6Points Per Game Allowed115.4