Bryan Reynolds vs Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Stats

For his career, Reynolds has hit 98 balls out of the park while knocking in 322 runs. For his career, he faced a pitcher 2,634 times and also came through with a hit 648 times. He has recorded a slugging percentage of .479 in addition to having tallied 1,116 bases. He has gone down on strikes 567 times and has walked on 250 occasions, which contributes in part to a .355 on-base percentage. Reynolds has accrued an average at the plate of .278 in his time in baseball in addition to 357 scored runs and an OPS of .833.

For the 2,513 official at-bats in his MLB career, Guerrero Jr. has a batting average of .279 with 702 base knocks. He has hit the long ball 130 times, with 1,233 bases in total and a .491 slugging percentage. Guerrero Jr. has tallied a walk 275 times while going down on strikes on 450 chances. He has accrued 374 runs and also has 404 RBIs. His OBP comes in at .355 and he is the owner of a career OPS of .845.

Bryan Reynolds vs Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Stats

Bryan ReynoldsCareerVladimir Guerrero Jr.
634Games Played656
2,634Plate Appearances2,825
98Home Runs130
322Runs Batted In404
28Stolen Bases18
9Caught Stealing8
.278Batting Average.279
.355On-Base Percentage.355
.479Slugging Percentage.491
1,116Total Bases1,233
47Grounded Into Double Plays92
36Hit By Pitch25

Reynolds has earned 148 base knocks out of 555 AB’s for a batting average of .267. He has taken a base 52 times and is sitting with an OBP of .334. For the season, Reynolds has compiled 83 runs, accrued 83 RBI and has 24 home runs. He has tallied an OPS of 0.804 and a slugging percentage of .470. He has fanned 129 times while accumulating 261 total bases.

On the year, Guerrero Jr. has tallied 75 runs, recorded 94 runs batted in and has 26 home runs. He has earned a walk 65 times and holds an on-base percentage of .345. Guerrero Jr. has a total of 155 base hits in 586 at-bats and holds a batting average of .265. He has fanned 95 times while tallying 261 total bases. He has compiled an OPS of 0.790 with a slugging percentage of .445.

Bryan Reynolds (2023)StatVladimir Guerrero Jr. (2023)
141Games Played152
620Plate Appearances664
83Runs Scored75
24Home Runs26
83Runs Batted In94
12Stolen Bases5
1Caught Stealing3
.267Batting Average.265
.334On-Base Percentage.345
.470Slugging Percentage.445
261Total Bases261
13Grounded Into Double Play23
7Hit By Pitch9