Bryce Harper vs Paul Goldschmidt Stats

Bryce HarperCareerPaul Goldschmidt
1,283Games Played1,469
5,482Plate Appearances6,300
267Home Runs280
752Runs Batted In927
111Stolen Bases140
39Caught Stealing33
.279Batting Average.293
.392On-Base Percentage.389
.524Slugging Percentage.521
2,388Total Bases2,797
93Grounded Into Double Plays127
36Hit By Pitch39

In his pro baseball career, Harper has hit 267 baseballs out of the park while knocking in 752 runs. Over the course of his pro career, he stepped into the batters box 5,482 times and has come through with a hit 1,273 times. His career slugging percentage is .524 and he has accumulated 2,388 bases. He has fanned 1,189 times and earned a walk on 833 at-bats, contributing to a .392 on-base %. Harper is sitting with a batting avereage of .279 for his career in baseball with 850 runs scored and an OPS of .916.

In the 5,366 at-bats in his MLB career, Goldschmidt has earned a batting average of .293 in addition to having 1,572 hits. His on-base % is .389 and he has earned a career OPS of .911. He has tallied 939 runs in addition to having 927 runs batted in. Goldschmidt has earned a walk 837 times while striking out on 1,404 occasions. He has hit a home run 280 times, in addition to having 2,797 bases in total and also a .521 slugging %.

Bryce HarperStatPaul Goldschmidt
141Games Played158
599Plate Appearances679
101Runs Scored102
35Home Runs31
84Runs Batted In99
13Stolen Bases12
3Caught Stealing0
.309Batting Average.294
.429On-Base Percentage.365
.615Slugging Percentage.514
300Total Bases310
12Grounded Into Double Play13
5Hit By Pitch4

During this season, Harper has tallied 101 runs, knocked in 84 RBI and has earned 35 home runs. He has walked 100 times and is sitting with an on-base percentage of .429. Harper has 151 base knocks in 488 at-bats for an average of .309. He has fanned 134 times (55th in baseball) while accumulating 300 total bases. He has accrued an OPS of 1.044 (9th in baseball) and a slugging percentage of .615.

For this campaign, Goldschmidt has knocked in 99 runs and also has recorded a slugging percentage of .514. He has amassed an on-base percentage of .365 in addition to 67 walks and 136 strikeouts. Goldschmidt has recorded 310 total bases with 177 hits (7th in baseball) out of 603 at-bats. He has a batting average of .294 while holding an OPS of .879. He has scored 102 runs on the campaign and has hit 31 balls out of the park.