Caris LeVert vs Terrence Ross Stats

Caris LeVert has taken part in 365 contests so far in his career and earned 10,216 minutes in those games. LeVert was named a starter in 205 matchups, and in those matchups he is averaging 14.3 points per contest and has earned 5,234 points in all. He accumulates 18.4 points per 36 mins, in addition to collecting 4.9 boards and recording 5.1 assists so far in his pro basketball career. By putting in 1,957 baskets of 4,509 tries, LeVert has a 43.4% field goal %. By putting in 514 of his 1,524 baskets from three-point range, he has accrued a 3pt rate of 33.7%. By burying 1,443 out of 2,985 two-point tries, he has earned a rate of 48.3%. LeVert has buried 806 of his 1,097 shot attempts at the foul line, which had him sitting at a clip of 73.5%. Stepping onto the court with an eFG% of 49.1%, he has additionally amassed 749 personal fouls and 687 turnovers. With 1,130 defensive rebounds and 270 offensive, LeVert has earned 1,400 total boards during his pro basketball career. He has recorded 380 steals, in addition to 117 blocks and 1,437 dimes. Concerning per game stats, LeVert has an average of 3.8 assists in addition to 3.9 rebounds.

When talking about sharing the basketball, Ross has a total of 895 assists, in addition to getting 577 steals and 229 blocks. He is averaging 2.0 rebounds as well as 1.3 assists per outing. He has earned 1,992 rebounds in total in his career by grabbing 1,748 on the defensive end and 244 of the offensive variety. Sitting with an effective FG% of 51.2%, he has additionally earned 694 giveaways and recorded 1,186 personal fouls. Ross has accounted for a 83.7% percentage at the free throw line by converting 826 out of his 987 attempts. He has a 47.8% two-point shooting percentage of by knocking down 1,574 out of 3,291 shots. Having taken 3,575 three point attempts during his NBA career, he has accrued a shooting percentage of 36.2% by knocking down 1,295 of those shots. Stepping onto the court with a shooting percentage of 41.8%, Ross has made 2,869 baskets out of 6,866 attempts. He records 1.8 dimes, snags 4.1 boards and accounts for 16.1 per 36 mins. Ross is sitting with 7,859 points so far in his NBA career, holds an average of 11.0 PPG and started 187 matchups. Terrence Ross has accumulated 17,570 minutes and has participated in 712 contests during his career.

Caris LeVert vs Terrence Ross Stats

Caris LeVertCareerTerrence Ross
365Games Played712
205Games Started187
10,216Minutes Played17,570
1,957Field Goals Made2,869
4,509Field Goals Attempted6,866
43.4%Field Goal Percentage41.8%
5143-Pointers Made1,295
1,5243-Pointers Attempted3,575
33.7%3-Point Percentage36.2%
1,4432-Pointers Made1,574
2,9852-Pointers Attempted3,291
48.3%2-Point Percentage47.8%
806Free Throws Made826
1,097Free Throws Attempted987
73.5%Free Throw Percentage83.7%
270Offensive Rebounds244
1,130Defensive Rebounds1,748
1,400Total Rebounds1,992
749Personal Fouls1,186
5,234Points Scored7,859
14.3Points Per Game11.0
28.0Minutes Per Game24.7
3.9Assists Per Game1.3
3.8Rebounds Per Game2.8
18.4Points Per 36 Minutes16.1
4.9Rebounds Per 36 Minutes4.1
5.1Assists Per 36 Minutes1.8

Caris LeVert got the starting nod in 25 games and has been on the floor for 1,455 mins. He has accumulated 585 points and comes in with an average of 12.4 points per game in 47 played games. In regard to per 36 mins stats, LeVert has an average of 14.5 points, 4.6 rebounds and 4.5 dimes. LeVert has a field goal percentage of 41.1% by converting 210 out of 511 shots taken. From three-point range, LeVert has converted 76 out of 207 tries which has him sitting at a 3pt percentage of 36.7%. He has made 134 out of 304 shots from 2pt land, which has him sitting at a 2pt percentage of 44.1%. In relation to shooting from the charity stripe, LeVert has a shooting percentage of 71.8% by making 89 of 124 shot attempts. Caris LeVert has recorded an effective FG% of 48.5% this year, has given up the ball 78 times and has 105 personal fouls. LeVert has accounted for 184 total rebounds over the course of the season with 34 offensive and 150 defensive. This year, LeVert has a total of 180 dimes, 37 steals and also 10 blocks. LeVert averages 3.9 boards and earning 3.8 assists per game.

Ross comes in with an average of 1.3 assists in addition to collecting 2.0 boards per outing. Ross has accumulated 8 rejections, as well as 54 assists and 25 steals. With respect to grabbing boards, Ross has accumulated 10 of the offensive sort and 75 on the defensive end which gives him a total of 85 rebounds. Terrence Ross has 53 fouls on the season, in addition to turning the ball over 37 times and accounting for a 53.3% effective FG percentage. Out of his 20 charity stripe shots, Ross has converted 15 which gives him a clip of 75.0%. His two-point percentage is sitting at 48.9% by making 68 out of his 139 shot attempts. When talking about shooting from downtown, Ross comes in with an average of 38.1% by making 61 shots out of his 160 attempts. Ross has buried 129 baskets of 299 attempts which gives him a 43.1% shot %. Ross is averaging 12.7 points, 3.2 rebounds in addition to 2.1 dimes per 36 mins. In his 42 games played, he has scored 334 pts and is averaging 8.0 points per game. Terrence Ross has been on the hardwood for 944 minutes this season and has started in 9 contests.

Caris LeVert – 2022-23Most Recent SeasonTerrence Ross – 2022-23
47Games Played42
25Games Started9
1,455Minutes Played944
210Field Goals Made129
511Field Goals Attempted299
41.1%Field Goal Percentage43.1%
763-Pointers Made61
2073-Pointers Attempted160
36.7%3-Point Percentage38.1%
1342-Pointers Made68
3042-Pointers Attempted139
44.1%2-Point Percentage48.9%
89Free Throws Made15
124Free Throws Attempted20
71.8%Free Throw Percentage75.0%
34Offensive Rebounds10
150Defensive Rebounds75
184Total Rebounds85
105Personal Fouls53
585Points Scored334
12.4Points Per Game8.0
31.0Minutes Per Game22.5
3.8Assists Per Game1.3
3.9Rebounds Per Game2.0
14.5Points Per 36 Minutes12.7
4.6Rebounds Per 36 Minutes3.2
4.5Assists Per 36 Minutes2.1