Chalk Bags

Chalk is a soft white limestone, also known as calcium carbonate, and is usually formed from the skeletal remains of sea creatures. Chalk is versatile and not just used for playing hopscotch. Having a chalk bag with chalk is an essential tool that you should have with you when rock climbing. Whether you are climbing indoors or out, chalk can be a literal life saver, especially if you are a freestyle rock climber that does not need the support of a rope or climbing gear. Chalk is used a lot by gymnasts so that they can get a better grip on the equipment they are performing on. Rubbing the powder on your hands allows the chalk to absorb anything wet on your hands.

Since rock climbing is an extreme sport and you use your hands and grips more than anything, 100 percent of the time, your going to start sweating and your hands will become slippery. To ensure you will not lose your grips or slip from your place, slapping some chalk on your hands can greatly reduce your risk of falling. Not only does the powder absorb the sweat and dampness, it gives you more of a secure grip on the ledge you are grabbing it. Down below will be different chalk bags to hold your chalk in by different brands and companies.

Sukoa Chalk Bag with Quick-Clip Belt and 2 Large Zippered Pockets

The Sukoa Chalk Bag is brought to you by the brand Sukoa. This chalk bag is perfect to take with you on your rock climbs, or to the gym for weight lifting. Used by rock climbers, gymnasts, and weight lifters, this chalk bag has a couple of special features that not all chalk bags have. Starting at the low price of just 12 US dollars, this durable and heavy duty chalk bag is perfect for those who need a good grip.


– Belt Clip – When you are high above the ground climbing on the rocks, the last thing you want to do is run out of chalk while your hands start to sweat. This is not a problem with this bag however. The Sukoa Chalk Bag comes ready with a clip that you can easily attach to your belt so that you can haul your chalk up without the use of your hands.

– Pockets – Many chalk bags are just the bag with an opening for the chalk balls to fit inside. This chalk bag however has a couple of different compartments. Two large pockets on the side of this bag can fit other valuables that you may need to bring with you. Your car keys, phone, wallet, and identification cards can all be stored inside these pockets so you will not have to worry about carrying extra bags or have anything slip out of your pockets.

– Water Resistant – The material that is used to make these bags are water resistant. Often times during a long hike or climb, the chalk bag can get wet from either rainfall or just from being dropped in water. You will no longer have to worry about ruining all your chalk if this happens. The bag itself is made from a water resistant material and also includes a drawstring to close up the chalk area even more for reassurance.

Togear Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing

The Togear Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing comes from the company Togear. This chalk bag has features that your normal chalk bags do not have. Made with a strong and durable material, this chalk bag will last you for years and years to come. Starting at just 10 US dollars, this chalk bag is great to keep with you when at the gym or out in the wilderness.


– Clip Hooks – Not only can you attach this bag to your waist, it comes with two clip hooks for aluminum carabiners to be used. Now you can clip on your water bottle and keychains with ease.

– Drawstring – This bag like many chalk bags comes equipped with a drawstring cord to help keep your chalk balls in place.

– Extra Pocket – An extra zipper pocket is located on the front of the bag. This pocket is not large however, but you will be able to keep a few personal items inside. Wallets, keys, and jewelry can be kept in this area.

Valley Climbing Chalk Bag

The Valley Climbing Chalk Bag is brought to you by the company Valley Outdoor Goods. This chalk bag is great for anyone who is involved with gymnastics, weightlifting, or rock climbing. Not only do you get a great deal on this bag for just 17 US dollars, it comes with additional items. A free 2 oz refillable chalk bag with a drawstring comes with the purchase of this bag along with a carabiner clip.


– Water Repellant – The Valley Climbing Chalk Bag is made with a strong and durable nylon material. This nylon material helps keep all the water out of your bag so the contents inside stay nice and dry.

– Large Hole – The opening of the main chalk compartment is large enough to fit even the biggest guys hands with ease. 5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in length, shoving your hand inside the bag is easy and quick to do. This way you will not have to fumble around as much with the bag when you need chalk. The rim of the opening of the hole is also made to be stiff. This allows the individual to easily access the chalk inside without having to move excess material out of the way.

– Extra Pockets – Extra pockets come in handy. On the front of this bag are two large zippered pockets. These two pockets can help carry any extra items that you may need such as a cell phone, wallets, or keys.

– Material – This chalk bag is one of the most durable out there. Created using the lightweight material of nylon and then coated with water repellant, water will not be an issue with this bag. Equipped with a drawstring to keep the contents in place, the inside of this bag is lined with fleece. This fleece material is used for not only comfort but for retention against the chalk as well.