Charlie Blackmon vs Kyle Tucker Stats

Blackmon has an average at the plate of .296 for his career in baseball with 913 scored runs and an OPS of .840. He has gone down on strikes 1,033 times and has gotten a free base on 423 occasions, contributing to a .354 on-base percentage. For his professional baseball career, Blackmon has drilled 212 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 735 runs. His slugging percentage sits at .486 and he has racked up 2,701 bases. During his time in professional baseball, he faced a pitcher 6,144 times and has reached base with a hit 1,645 times.

Tucker has tallied a walk 165 times while going down on strikes on 298 occasions. His on-base percentage is .336 and he has earned a lifetime OPS of .831. He has accrued 236 runs and has 292 RBIs. He has hit a home run 81 times, with 794 total bases and a .495 slugging percentage. During the 1,605 official at-bats in his pro career, Tucker has accumulated a batting average of .269 and has racked up 431 base knocks.

Charlie Blackmon vs Kyle Tucker Stats

Charlie BlackmonCareerKyle Tucker
1,457Games Played458
6,144Plate Appearances1,795
212Home Runs81
735Runs Batted In292
138Stolen Bases61
57Caught Stealing9
.296Batting Average.269
.354On-Base Percentage.336
.486Slugging Percentage.495
2,701Total Bases794
66Grounded Into Double Plays31
100Hit By Pitch5

Blackmon has tallied 88 total bases with 55 base knocks out of 201 at-bats. He has accounted for an on-base percentage of .355 with 20 free passes and 32 strikeouts. Since the start of the campaign, Charlie Blackmon has knocked in 26 runs and has recorded a slugging percentage of .438. He has racked up 33 runs so far this season and has hit 5 balls over the fence. He has accounted for a batting average when batting of .274 while holding an OPS of .793.

This season, Tucker has compiled 24 runs, recorded 36 runs batted in and has 8 home runs. He has taken a base 25 times and has earned an OBP of .344. Tucker has accounted for 59 hits out of 215 at-bats for a batting average of .274. He has struck out 34 times while accumulating 96 total bases. He has earned an OPS of 0.791 with a slugging percentage of .447.

Charlie Blackmon (2023)StatKyle Tucker (2023)
53Games Played60
231Plate Appearances247
33Runs Scored24
5Home Runs8
26Runs Batted In36
0Stolen Bases8
1Caught Stealing1
.274Batting Average.274
.355On-Base Percentage.344
.438Slugging Percentage.447
88Total Bases96
3Grounded Into Double Play6
7Hit By Pitch0