Charlie Blackmon vs Max Kepler Stats

In his career, Blackmon has slapped 210 balls out of the park while knocking in 727 runs. For his time in baseball, he faced a pitcher 6,105 times and has come through with a base hit 1,636 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .486 and he has totaled 2,684 bases. He has been struck out 1,028 times and has taken a walk on 422 attempts at the plate, contributing to a .355 on-base percentage. Blackmon has accumulated a batting average of .296 in his time in baseball in addition to 906 scored runs and an OPS of .841.

Kepler has recorded a free base 355 times while fanning on 625 attempts. His on-base % is .317 and he has earned a lifetime OPS of .744. He has accrued 456 runs in addition to having 414 RBIs. He has hit a home run 135 times, as well as 1,305 total bases and also a .427 slugging %. For the 3,054 official at-bats in his MLB career, Kepler is sitting with a batting average of .231 with 707 hits.

Charlie Blackmon vs Max Kepler Stats

Charlie BlackmonCareerMax Kepler
1,449Games Played865
6,105Plate Appearances3,475
210Home Runs135
727Runs Batted In414
138Stolen Bases33
57Caught Stealing16
.296Batting Average.231
.355On-Base Percentage.317
.486Slugging Percentage.427
2,684Total Bases1,305
66Grounded Into Double Plays32
99Hit By Pitch38

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So far this season, Blackmon is sitting with 26 runs, accrued 18 RBI and has earned 3 home runs. He has earned a walk 19 times and has compiled an on-base percentage of .370. Blackmon has a total of 46 hits out of 164 at-bats and has a batting average of .280. He has gone down swinging 27 times while earning 71 total bases. He has compiled an OPS of 0.803 and a SLG of .433.

Kepler has a total of 44 bases in total with 21 hits out of 99 at-bats. He has tallied 17 runs so far this season and has knocked 6 balls out of the park. He has accrued a batting average at the plate of .212 with an OPS of .743. He has an OBP of .298 in addition to 10 free passes and 22 strikeouts. Over the course of this year, Max Kepler has knocked in 14 runs and also has accumulated a slugging percentage of .444.

Charlie Blackmon (2023)StatMax Kepler (2023)
45Games Played28
192Plate Appearances114
26Runs Scored17
3Home Runs6
18Runs Batted In14
0Stolen Bases0
1Caught Stealing1
.280Batting Average.212
.370On-Base Percentage.298
.433Slugging Percentage.444
71Total Bases44
3Grounded Into Double Play2
6Hit By Pitch3