Charlie Blackmon vs Nick Castellanos Stats

In his career, Blackmon has slapped 210 balls out of the park while knocking in 727 runs. For his time in baseball, he faced a pitcher 6,105 times and has come through with a base hit 1,636 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .486 and he has totaled 2,684 bases. He has been struck out 1,028 times and has taken a walk on 422 attempts at the plate, contributing to a .355 on-base percentage. Blackmon has accumulated a batting average of .296 in his time in baseball in addition to 906 scored runs and an OPS of .841.

Over the course of the 4,827 at-bats in his professional career, Castellanos has earned a batting average of .277 in addition to 1,338 hits. His on-base rate is .327 and he has a career OPS of .801. He has tallied 629 runs and also has 682 runs batted in. Castellanos has drawn a free base 338 times while going down on strikes on 1,215 attempts. He has hit a home run 186 times, with 2,287 total bases and also a .474 slugging percentage.

Charlie Blackmon vs Nick Castellanos Stats

Charlie BlackmonCareerNick Castellanos
1,449Games Played1,272
6,105Plate Appearances5,241
210Home Runs186
727Runs Batted In682
138Stolen Bases23
57Caught Stealing20
.296Batting Average.277
.355On-Base Percentage.327
.486Slugging Percentage.474
2,684Total Bases2,287
66Grounded Into Double Plays102
99Hit By Pitch37

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So far this season, Blackmon is sitting with 26 runs, accrued 18 RBI and has earned 3 home runs. He has earned a walk 19 times and has compiled an on-base percentage of .370. Blackmon has a total of 46 hits out of 164 at-bats and has a batting average of .280. He has gone down swinging 27 times while earning 71 total bases. He has compiled an OPS of 0.803 and a SLG of .433.

So far this year, Castellanos has notched 33 runs, amassed 26 runs batted in and has 5 home runs. He has fanned 55 times while tallying 88 total bases. He has recorded an OPS of 0.796 as well as a slugging % of .454. He has walked 15 times and sports an on-base percentage of .343. Castellanos has tallied 57 base knocks in 194 at-bats and holds a batting average of .294.

Charlie Blackmon (2023)StatNick Castellanos (2023)
45Games Played50
192Plate Appearances210
26Runs Scored33
3Home Runs5
18Runs Batted In26
0Stolen Bases2
1Caught Stealing2
.280Batting Average.294
.370On-Base Percentage.343
.433Slugging Percentage.454
71Total Bases88
3Grounded Into Double Play2
6Hit By Pitch0