Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Chicago BullsTeam Offense 2022-23Golden State Warriors
21Games Played22
864Field Goals948
1,835Field Goal Attempts1,965
47.1%Field Goal Percentage48.2%
2153-Pointers Made355
6073-Point Attempts944
35.4%3-Point Percentage37.6%
6492-Pointers Made593
1,2282-Point Attempts1,021
52.9%2-Point Percentage58.1%
410Free Throws335
493Free Throw Attempts416
83.2%Free Throw Percentage80.5%
208Offensive Rebounds200
696Defensive Rebounds737
904Total Rebounds937
420Personal Fouls508
2,353Points Scored2,586
41.1Field Goals Per Game43.1
87.4Field Goal Attempts Per Game89.3
10.23-Pointers Per Game16.1
28.93-Point Attempts Per Game42.9
30.92-Pointers Made Per Game27.0
58.52-Point Attempts Per Game46.4
19.5Free Throws Per Game15.2
23.5Free Throw Attempts Per Game18.9
9.9Offensive Rebounds Per Game9.1
33.1Defensive Rebounds Per Game33.5
43.0Total Rebounds Per Game42.6
24.5Assists Per Game29.7
7.5Steals Per Game7.3
5.4Blocks Per Game4.0
14.6Turnovers Per Game17.1
20.0Personal Fouls Per Game23.1
112.0Points Per Game117.5

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Chicago BullsTeam Defense 2022-23Golden State Warriors
862Field Goals Allowed912
1,809Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,982
47.7%Field Goal Percentage Allowed46.0%
2663-Pointers Allowed286
7023-Point Attempts Allowed815
37.9%3-Point Percentage Allowed35.1%
5962-Pointers Allowed626
1,1072-Point Attempts Allowed1,167
53.8%2-Point Percentage Allowed53.6%
377Free Throws Allowed469
475Free Throw Attempts Allowed595
79.4%Free Throw Percentage Allowed78.8%
190Offensive Rebounds Allowed249
716Defensive Rebounds Allowed723
906Total Rebounds Allowed972
562Assists Allowed566
337Turnovers Forced337
416Personal Fouls406
2,367Points Allowed2,579
41.0Field Goals Allowed Per Game41.5
86.1Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game90.1
12.73-Pointers Allowed Per Game13.0
33.43-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game37.0
28.42-Pointers Allowed Per Game28.5
52.72-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game53.0
18.0Free Throws Allowed Per Game21.3
22.6Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game27.0
9.0Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game11.3
34.1Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game32.9
43.1Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game44.2
26.8Assists Allowed Per Game25.7
16.0Turnovers Forced Per Game15.3
19.8Personal Fouls Per Game18.5
112.7Points Per Game Allowed117.2