Christian Yelich vs Kyle Tucker Stats

Christian YelichCareerKyle Tucker
1,095Games Played248
4,765Plate Appearances939
160Home Runs43
573Runs Batted In149
137Stolen Bases28
29Caught Stealing4
.292Batting Average.274
.379On-Base Percentage.338
.477Slugging Percentage.518
1,976Total Bases438
90Grounded Into Double Plays14
35Hit By Pitch4

Yelich has earned a batting average of .292 for his career with 696 runs scored and an OPS of .857. He has struck out 1,021 times and has gotten a free base on 564 occasions, contributing to a .379 OBP. For his pro baseball career, Yelich has hit 160 baseballs out of the park while driving in 573 runs. He has compiled a slugging percentage of .477 and he has a total of 1,976 bases. Over the course of his pro career, he came to bat 4,765 times and also came through with a hit 1,207 times.

For the 846 official at-bats in his baseball career, Tucker has compiled an average at the plate of .274 and has racked up 232 base knocks. He has hit it out of the park 43 times, with 438 bases in total and a .518 slugging percentage. Tucker has drawn a free base 81 times while fanning on 169 attempts. He has accounted for 141 runs in addition to having earned 149 RBIs. His on-base rate is .338 and he has a career OPS of .856.

Christian YelichStatKyle Tucker
117Games Played140
475Plate Appearances567
70Runs Scored83
9Home Runs30
51Runs Batted In92
9Stolen Bases14
3Caught Stealing2
.248Batting Average.294
.362On-Base Percentage.359
.373Slugging Percentage.557
149Total Bases282
5Grounded Into Double Play10
3Hit By Pitch1

Yelich has compiled 99 base knocks in 399 AB’s for an average of .248. He has gotten a free base 70 times and holds an on-base percentage of .362. So far this year, Yelich has compiled 70 runs, accrued 51 RBI and has hit 9 home runs. He has recorded an OPS of 0.735 (236th in the league) and a slugging % of .373. He has gone down swinging 113 times (102nd in the league) while accruing 149 bases in total.

Tucker has a tally of 282 total bases with 149 base knocks (45th in MLB) in 506 at-bats. He has racked up 83 runs on the season and has hit 30 balls over the fence. He has accumulated a average at the plate of .294 in addition to holding an OPS of .916. He has earned an on-base percentage of .359 in addition to 53 walks and 90 strikeouts. Over the course of this year, Tucker has batted in 92 runs and also has tallied a slugging percentage of .557.