Christian Yelich vs Shohei Ohtani Stats

For his career, Yelich has hit 191 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 700 runs. In his time spent in pro baseball, he came to bat 6,037 times and has come through with a base hit 1,495 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .462 in addition to earning 2,423 bases. He has been struck out 1,316 times and has been walked on 724 occasions, contributing to a .375 on-base %. Yelich has raked .285 in his time in baseball in addition to 893 scored runs and an OPS of .837.

During the 2,483 at-bats in his career, Ohtani has earned a batting average of .274 and has racked up 681 hits. He has hit it out of the park 171 times, with 1,381 total bases and also a .556 slugging percentage. Ohtani has drawn a walk 351 times while fanning on 755 occasions. He has accumulated 428 runs and also has 437 runs batted in. His on-base % is .366 and he has earned a career OPS of .922.

Christian Yelich vs Shohei Ohtani Stats

Christian YelichCareerShohei Ohtani
1,386Games Played701
6,037Plate Appearances2,871
191Home Runs171
700Runs Batted In437
183Stolen Bases86
35Caught Stealing33
.285Batting Average.274
.375On-Base Percentage.366
.462Slugging Percentage.556
2,423Total Bases1,381
113Grounded Into Double Plays33
43Hit By Pitch16

Yelich has tallied 227 total bases with 143 base knocks out of 525 at-bats. He has racked up 98 runs this season and has hit 17 balls out of the park. He has accumulated a batting average at the plate of .272 while having an OPS of .795. He has tallied an on-base percentage of .363 in addition to 72 free passes and 133 strikeouts. So far this season, Christian Yelich has batted in 70 runs and also has recorded a slugging percentage of .432.

Over the course of the season, Ohtani has notched 102 runs, recorded 95 RBI and has hit 44 home runs. He has taken a base 91 times and sports an OBP of .412. Ohtani has a tally of 151 base hits out of 497 at-bats for an average of .304. He has been struck out 143 times while accounting for 325 total bases. He has recorded an OPS of 1.066 as well as a slugging % of .654.

Christian Yelich (2023)StatShohei Ohtani (2023)
137Games Played135
601Plate Appearances599
98Runs Scored102
17Home Runs44
70Runs Batted In95
27Stolen Bases20
3Caught Stealing6
.272Batting Average.304
.363On-Base Percentage.412
.432Slugging Percentage.654
227Total Bases325
14Grounded Into Double Play9
3Hit By Pitch3