Cincinnati Reds vs Washington Nationals Stats

The Reds are compiling a good year at the plate, tallying an on-base percentage at 0.326 (11th in the league) They have compiled a 0.414 slugging percentage (15th in the league) and also have an average of 14.0 total bases per contest. Cincinnati has earned 2,215 total bags while crossing home plate 752 times, in addition to hitting in 718 runs. The Reds have stepped up to the plate 5,346 times, and they also have compiled 549 BBs so far this year. Their RBI per contest are 4.54 (1,462 strikeouts) and their on-base plus slugging is sitting at 0.741. They are averaging 8.4 base knocks per contest and rank 20th in the league for 2Bs with 255. Cincinnati has accumulated 1,323 base knocks and also holds a BA of .247 on the campaign.

Washington is compiling a painful year offensively, tallying an on-base plus slugging % at 0.708 (21st in MLB) They have accumulated a 0.313 on-base percentage (23rd in the league) and also come in with an average of 8.61 base hits per outing. The Nationals have 270 2Bs while knocking in 643 runs, in addition to taking a free bag 412 different times. Washington has been struck out 1,118 times and also have accumulated 2,120 total bases on the campaign. Their total bags per game is at 8.6 (5,374 ABs) and their SLG% is sitting at 0.394. They are averaging 4.07 RBI per contest and are 12th in baseball in hits with 1,360. Washington has accounted for 676 runs scored and also holds a BA of .253 so far this year.

Team Hitting Comparison Comparison

Cincinnati RedsTeam OffenseWashington Nationals
158Games Played158
6,034Plate Appearances5,924
752Runs Scored676
189Home Runs146
718Runs Batted In643
185Stolen Bases118
46Caught Stealing28
.247Batting Average.253
.326On-Base Percentage.313
.414Slugging Percentage.394
2,215Total Bases2,120
101Grounded Into Double Play112
1,085Left on Base1,053

The Reds have earned 1,358 Ks and also hold a WHIP of 1.412 on the campaign. The Reds average 8.7 strikeouts per nine innings and they also rank 4th in the league in walks with 598. Their FIP is currently at 4.80 (749 earned runs) while their H/G allowed is sitting at 8.8. Cincinnati has taken the bump for 1406.1 innings and have relinquished 1,388 base hits on the year. The Reds have gone up against 6,164 players while stepping onto the diamond in 158 games, as well as notching a 2.27 SO/BB ratio. Cincinnati is sitting with an average of 5.1 runs allowed per 9 (8th in MLB) and hold an average of 3.8 walks per contest. The Reds are compiling a horrible campaign as a pitcher, accounting for an ERA at 4.79 (25th in the league)

Washington has faced 6,115 batters and also have surrendered 575 bases on balls over the course of the season. The Nationals are putting together a terrible year as a pitcher, accumulating a WHIP at 1.463 (28th in baseball) The Nationals have racked up 1394.1 frames and also are the owners of a Ks per 9 innings average of 7.7 this season. They have recorded a strikeout 1,189 different times, while giving up 1,464 hits, plus notching a 5.17 FIP. They are averaging 9.3 base knocks per contest conceded and rank 4th in the league in earned runs allowed with 772. They are sitting with an average of 3.7 free passes per outing allowed (7th in baseball) and have tallied a 2.1 SO/W ratio. Their earned run avg is currently at 4.98 (158 games played) and their Ks per matchup average is sitting at 5.3.

Team Pitching Comparison

Cincinnati RedsTeam PitchingWashington Nationals
5.0Runs Allowed Per Game5.2
.513Win-Loss Percentage.437
4.79Earned Run Average (ERA)5.0
0Complete Games0
6Team Shutouts3
0Complete Game Shutouts0
1,406Innings Pitched1,394
1,388Hits Allowed1,464
796Runs Allowed820
749Earned Runs Allowed772
220Home Runs Allowed241
598Walks Allowed575
13Intentional Walks Allowed24
47Wild Pitches53
6,164Batters Faced6,115
8.9Hits Allowed Per 9 Innings9.4
1.4Homeruns Allowed Per 9 Innings1.6
3.8Walks Per 9 Innings3.7
8.7Strikeouts Per 9 Innings7.7
2.3Strikeout to Walk Ratio2.1
1,167Left on Base1,124

Team Bullpen Comparison

Cincinnati RedsTeam Relief PitchingWashington Nationals
589Games in Relief508
158Games Finished158
48Wins in Relief32
30Losses in Relief28
78Save Opportunities67
26Blown Saves26
67.0%Save Percentage61.0%
174Save Situations141
316Inherited Runners233
94Inherited Runners Scored80
30.0%Inherited Score Percentage34.0%
1.059Average Leverage Index.976
240High Leverage Situations155
147Medium Leverage Situations127
202Low Leverage Situations226
265Times Entered With Lead207
102Times Entered in Tie57
222Times Entered When Behind244
217Inherited Runners147
372Times Entered With Bases Empty361
188Multiple Inning Appearances167

Team Fielding Comparison

Cincinnati RedsTeam FieldingWashington Nationals
.687Defensive Efficiency.685
5,553Defensive Chances5,744
120Double Plays156
.984Fielding Percentage.985

When discussing runners inherited, the Reds have tallied 316 over the course of the season, and the Nationals are sitting with 233. On the season, Cincinnati has more dominant pitchers pertaining to save percentage sitting at 67%. Having earned 90, the Cincinnati Reds have amassed more holds than the Washington Nationals on the year. Cincinnati has recorded more saves than Washington so far this year with 52. Regarding team pitching stats, Cincinnati has earned a WHIP of 1.412 and Washington is at 1.462. The Reds are the better of these two pitching staffs in terms of conceding homeruns with 220. With regard to striking out opponents, the Reds have notched a total of 1,358 for the year and the Nationals have 1,189. On the campaign, Cincinnati has the more effective pitching staff, holding a team earned run average of 4.79. Having racked up 1,388, the Reds haven’t surrendered as many base knocks as the Nationals this year. The Cincinnati Reds have allowed less runs per contest than the Washington Nationals on the season, holding an average of 5.04.

The Cincinnati Reds Washington Nationals for the year having accumulated 752. Having racked up 1,323, the Reds haven’t earned as many base knocks as the Nationals on the season. On the season, the Reds have the more dangerous offensive, holding an average of 4.8 runs per game. In the matter of strikeouts, Washington has earned 1,118 for the season, and Cincinnati has 1,462. The Reds are sitting with a collective batting average of .247 and the Nationals have an average of .253. When comparing offenses, Cincinnati has an on-base percentage of .326 while Washington is at .313.

When it comes to assists, the Reds have 1,246 so far this season, while the Nationals have recorded 1,475. This year, Cincinnati hasn’t been as good a defense, riding a fielding percentage of .984. Having racked up 88, Cincinnati has amassed more errors than Washington on the campaign. The Cincinnati Reds have earned more putouts than the Washington Nationals so far this year having accumulated 4,219.