CJ McCollum vs Jaylen Brown Stats

CJ McCollum has played in 634 games so far in his career and compiled 20,170 mins in those contests. McCollum has started in 537 games, and in those contests he has a rate of 19.4 points/G and has recorded 12,274 points overall. He accounts for 21.9 pts per 36 mins, in addition to grabbing 4.0 boards and earning 4.1 assists during his pro basketball career. By putting in 4,705 shots out of 10,379 tries, McCollum has a 45.3% shooting percentage. By putting in 1,499 of his 3,789 baskets from three-point range, he has amassed a three-point shooting percentage of 39.6%. By knocking down 3,206 out of 6,590 two-pointers, he has recorded an average of 48.6%. McCollum has made 1,365 of 1,690 tries from the foul line, putting him at a clip of 80.8%. While he has earned an effective field goal percentage of 52.6%, he has additionally amassed 1,331 infractions and 1,147 turnovers. Having collected 1,831 defensive boards and 407 on the offensive end of the court, McCollum has tallied 2,238 boards in total thus far in his career. He has a tally of 570 steals, in addition to 250 blocks and 2,299 assists. In regard to stats per game, McCollum comes in with an average of 5.8 assists in addition to 4.5 rebounds.

Jaylen Brown has earned 13,139 minutes and has participated in 447 contests so far in his pro basketball career. Brown is sitting with 7,821 pts so far in his pro basketball career, is averaging 17.5 PPG and has started in 340 games. He dishes out 2.6 dimes, snags 6.3 rebounds and scores 21.4 per 36 minutes. Having earned a shooting rate of 47.5%, Brown has made 2,915 shots out of 6,135 tries. With 2,259 attempts from long range thus far in his career, he has recorded a shooting percentage of 36.7% by making 829 of those shots. He has accounted for a 53.8% two-point shooting percentage of by knocking down 2,086 out of 3,876 shot attempts. Brown has garnered a 72.3% percentage at the charity stripe by converting 1,162 out of his 1,607 attempts. With an effective FG percentage of 54.3%, he has also accounted for 889 giveaways and accounted for 1,125 infractions. He has earned 2,308 total boards in his NBA career by pulling in 1,890 on the defensive end and 418 of the offensive sort. In reference to helping on baskets, Brown has accumulated 964 dimes, as well as contributing 430 steals and 167 rejections. He is averaging 7.1 rebounds in addition to 3.2 assists per outing.

CJ McCollum vs Jaylen Brown Stats

CJ McCollumCareerJaylen Brown
634Games Played447
537Games Started340
20,170Minutes Played13,139
4,705Field Goals Made2,915
10,379Field Goals Attempted6,135
45.3%Field Goal Percentage47.5%
1,4993-Pointers Made829
3,7893-Pointers Attempted2,259
39.6%3-Point Percentage36.7%
3,2062-Pointers Made2,086
6,5902-Pointers Attempted3,876
48.6%2-Point Percentage53.8%
1,365Free Throws Made1,162
1,690Free Throws Attempted1,607
80.8%Free Throw Percentage72.3%
407Offensive Rebounds418
1,831Defensive Rebounds1,890
2,238Total Rebounds2,308
1,331Personal Fouls1,125
12,274Points Scored7,821
19.4Points Per Game17.5
31.8Minutes Per Game29.4
3.6Assists Per Game2.2
3.5Rebounds Per Game5.2
21.9Points Per 36 Minutes21.4
4.0Rebounds Per 36 Minutes6.3
4.1Assists Per 36 Minutes2.6

CJ McCollum got the starting nod in 44 games and has been on the floor for a total of 1,546 minutes. He has accumulated 933 pts and averages 21.2 points/G in his 44 games on the hardwood. In relation to stats per 36, McCollum has an average of 21.7 points, 4.6 boards and 5.9 assists. McCollum comes into this game with a field goal % of 43.0% by converting 349 of his 812 attempts. From behind the 3PT line, McCollum has made 131 out of 337 shots which has him at a 3pt rate of 38.9%. He has made 218 of his 475 shots from inside the arc, which has him sitting at a 2pt percentage of 45.9%. In the matter of taking shots from the free throw line, McCollum has recorded a conversion rate of 78.2% by burying 104 of 133 attempts. CJ McCollum has compiled an eFG% of 51.0% over the course of the season, has had a turnover 120 times and is sitting with 77 infractions. McCollum has 197 boards for the year with 35 offensive and 162 on the defensive side of the court. over the course of the season, McCollum has accounted for 255 assists, 44 steals and also 27 rejections. McCollum is averaging 4.5 boards in addition to recording 5.8 assists per game.

Brown averages 3.2 dimes as well getting 7.1 boards per game. Brown has recorded 21 rejections, as well as 142 dimes and 49 steals. In regard to getting rebounds, Brown has tallied 56 offensive and 258 defensive which puts him at 314 boards. Jaylen Brown has a tally of 118 infractions on the campaign, as well as losing the ball 137 times and compiling a 54.9% effective field goal percentage. Out of 237 free throw shot attempts, Brown has made 186 giving him a percentage of 78.5%. His 2pt% is currently 57.9% by converting 332 of 573 shots. Concerning 3pt shooting, Brown comes in with an average of 33.1% by knocking down 109 baskets of his 329 attempts. Brown has made 441 shots of his 902 attempts which gives him a 48.9% shooting percentage. Brown comes in with an average of 26.8 points, 7.2 boards and 3.2 assists per 36 minutes. In 44 played games, he has amassed 1,177 points and averages 26.8 PTS/G. Jaylen Brown has been on the court for 1,580 mins for the current season and has started in 44 games.

CJ McCollum – 2022-23Most Recent SeasonJaylen Brown – 2022-23
44Games Played44
44Games Started44
1,546Minutes Played1,580
349Field Goals Made441
812Field Goals Attempted902
43.0%Field Goal Percentage48.9%
1313-Pointers Made109
3373-Pointers Attempted329
38.9%3-Point Percentage33.1%
2182-Pointers Made332
4752-Pointers Attempted573
45.9%2-Point Percentage57.9%
104Free Throws Made186
133Free Throws Attempted237
78.2%Free Throw Percentage78.5%
35Offensive Rebounds56
162Defensive Rebounds258
197Total Rebounds314
77Personal Fouls118
933Points Scored1,177
21.2Points Per Game26.8
35.1Minutes Per Game35.9
5.8Assists Per Game3.2
4.5Rebounds Per Game7.1
21.7Points Per 36 Minutes26.8
4.6Rebounds Per 36 Minutes7.2
5.9Assists Per 36 Minutes3.2