Cleveland Cavaliers vs Oklahoma City Thunder Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Cleveland CavaliersTeam Offense 2022-23Oklahoma City Thunder
22Games Played22
896Field Goals963
1,867Field Goal Attempts2,085
48.0%Field Goal Percentage46.2%
2673-Pointers Made254
6933-Point Attempts757
38.5%3-Point Percentage33.6%
6292-Pointers Made709
1,1742-Point Attempts1,328
53.6%2-Point Percentage53.4%
425Free Throws372
527Free Throw Attempts475
80.6%Free Throw Percentage78.3%
220Offensive Rebounds267
742Defensive Rebounds717
962Total Rebounds984
436Personal Fouls485
2,484Points Scored2,552
40.7Field Goals Per Game43.8
84.9Field Goal Attempts Per Game94.8
12.13-Pointers Per Game11.5
31.53-Point Attempts Per Game34.4
28.62-Pointers Made Per Game32.2
53.42-Point Attempts Per Game60.4
19.3Free Throws Per Game16.9
24.0Free Throw Attempts Per Game21.6
10.0Offensive Rebounds Per Game12.1
33.7Defensive Rebounds Per Game32.6
43.7Total Rebounds Per Game44.7
23.8Assists Per Game24.1
6.2Steals Per Game8.0
4.1Blocks Per Game6.0
15.0Turnovers Per Game13.8
19.8Personal Fouls Per Game22.0
112.9Points Per Game116.0

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Cleveland CavaliersTeam Defense 2022-23Oklahoma City Thunder
846Field Goals Allowed932
1,858Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,998
45.5%Field Goal Percentage Allowed46.6%
2553-Pointers Allowed274
7063-Point Attempts Allowed766
36.1%3-Point Percentage Allowed35.8%
5912-Pointers Allowed658
1,1522-Point Attempts Allowed1,232
51.3%2-Point Percentage Allowed53.4%
385Free Throws Allowed444
504Free Throw Attempts Allowed562
76.4%Free Throw Percentage Allowed79.0%
196Offensive Rebounds Allowed277
668Defensive Rebounds Allowed796
864Total Rebounds Allowed1,073
512Assists Allowed541
326Turnovers Forced379
501Personal Fouls431
2,332Points Allowed2,582
38.5Field Goals Allowed Per Game42.4
84.5Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game90.8
11.63-Pointers Allowed Per Game12.5
32.13-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game34.8
26.92-Pointers Allowed Per Game29.9
52.42-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game56.0
17.5Free Throws Allowed Per Game20.2
22.9Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game25.5
8.9Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game12.6
30.4Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game36.2
39.3Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game48.8
23.3Assists Allowed Per Game24.6
14.8Turnovers Forced Per Game17.2
22.8Personal Fouls Per Game19.6
106.0Points Per Game Allowed117.4