Cleveland Indians vs St. Louis Cardinals Stats

Team Offense

Cleveland IndiansTeam OffenseSt. Louis Cardinals
162Games Played162
5,907Plate Appearances6,001
717Runs Scored706
203Home Runs198
686Runs Batted In678
109Stolen Bases89
17Caught Stealing22
.238Batting Average.244
.303On-Base Percentage.313
.407Slugging Percentage.412
2,170Total Bases2,202
105Grounded Into Double Play99
969Left on Base1,070

The are even in runs with the on the season having a total of 0. With a total of 1,269, the Indians haven’t accrued as many hits as the Cardinals this year. On the year, the Indians are scoring more than their opposition, with an average of 4.4 runs per game. When it comes to strikeouts, St. Louis has accumulated 1,341 for the year, and Cleveland has 1,387. The Indians have a team batting average of .238 and the Cardinals have an average of .244. When looking at the offenses, Cleveland is sitting with an OBP of .303 and St. Louis is looking at .313.

Team Pitching

Cleveland IndiansTeam PitchingSt. Louis Cardinals
4.5Runs Allowed Per Game4.2
.494Win-Loss Percentage.556
4.34Earned Run Average (ERA)4.0
0Complete Games3
9Team Shutouts15
0Complete Game Shutouts1
1,408Innings Pitched1,417
1,281Hits Allowed1,234
727Runs Allowed672
679Earned Runs Allowed626
216Home Runs Allowed152
522Walks Allowed608
12Intentional Walks Allowed30
52Wild Pitches66
5,968Batters Faced6,046
8.2Hits Allowed Per 9 Innings7.8
1.4Homeruns Allowed Per 9 Innings1.0
3.3Walks Per 9 Innings3.9
8.9Strikeouts Per 9 Innings7.8
2.7Strikeout to Walk Ratio2.0
1,017Left on Base1,123

The Cleveland Indians have surrendered more runs per game than the St. Louis Cardinals over the course of the season, with an average of 4.49. With a total of 1,281, the Indians have given up more hits than the Cardinals on the season. For the year, St. Louis is the better of these two pitching staffs, having a team earned run average of 3.98. Pertaining to getting strikeouts, the Indians have accrued a total of 1,391 on the campaign while the Cardinals have 1,225. The Cardinals have the more dominant pitching staff when talking about surrendering the long ball with 152. When talking about team pitching statistics, Cleveland owns a WHIP of 1.281 and St. Louis is at 1.300. Cleveland hasn’t recorded as many saves as St. Louis on the year having earned a total of 39. With a total of 66, the Cleveland Indians haven’t amassed as many holds as the St. Louis Cardinals this year. On the year, St. Louis is the more superior bullpen in terms of save percentage sitting at 70%. With regard to inherited base runners, the Indians have earned a total of 202 for the year, while the Cardinals are sitting with 273.

Team Bullpen

Cleveland IndiansTeam Relief PitchingSt. Louis Cardinals
535Games in Relief557
162Games Finished159
32Wins in Relief36
30Losses in Relief25
58Save Opportunities71
19Blown Saves21
67.0%Save Percentage70.0%
127Save Situations182
202Inherited Runners273
73Inherited Runners Scored102
36.0%Inherited Score Percentage37.0%
.968Average Leverage Index1.019
155High Leverage Situations166
113Medium Leverage Situations144
247Low Leverage Situations232
226Times Entered With Lead283
74Times Entered in Tie57
235Times Entered When Behind217
142Inherited Runners167
393Times Entered With Bases Empty390
134Multiple Inning Appearances155

Team Fielding

Cleveland IndiansTeam FieldingSt. Louis Cardinals
.703Defensive Efficiency.714
5,710Defensive Chances5,848
138Double Plays137
.985Fielding Percentage.986

When it comes to assisting a teammate, the Indians have earned a total of 1,400 for the year, while the Cardinals have 1,513. So far this season, Cleveland is the worse defending group out of the two, with a fielding percentage of .985. With a total of 86, Cleveland has accrued more errors than St. Louis so far this year. The Cleveland Indians are sitting with less putouts than the St. Louis Cardinals over the course of the season with a total of 4,224.