Climbing Packs

When it comes to purchasing a climbing pack, you want one that is both lightweight but as durable and strong as possible. This is simply for the reason that if your pack breaks while you are in the middle of a hike or even hanging off the side of a cliff, it can diminish your supplies or just make it a very big hassle to collect your belongings and carry them the rest of the trip.

You also want a pack that is comfortable on your shoulders and back since you will be carrying it the entire time. Other suggestions would be to have a pack that is water resistant. Down below there will be different climbing companies gear products and packs; which ones will best suit you and which ones will not. There are many different packs and styles that you may be able to choose from. The most important aspect of these packs is to make sure you have the one that you feel you will be most comfortable with. Make sure to check out these different pack reviews and take your time on finding which pack is the best one for you.

As you may know, climbing packs do not come cheap. You will be very lucky if you are able to find a climbing pack that is good and less than 100 US dollars. Because of this, you want to do thorough research before purchasing the cheapest price tag you find. When it comes to extreme sports such as mountain climbing, you want the best gear possible. The price should not be a factor when deciding on this simply for the reason you are paying for what you get. Down below are a couple highly sought after and affordable packs that are available today.

Black Diamond Speed Zip 33 Pack

The Black Diamond Speed Zip 33 Pack is brought to you by the company, Black Diamond. This is one of the highest rated packs out there and is priced relatively well considering how much you can do with it. Prices range anywhere from 140-160 US dollars for this pack. The pack itself is lightweight and durable. It is called the speed zip for a reason, you will be able to move rather quickly with it on your shoulders. With a top loading removable lid and a drawstring closure, it makes loading your items quick and easy, the top can even come off to enhance your speed and lightness of the pack.


– Lightweight: This is perhaps the packs best aspect as far as anything else. It is lightweight and is able to strip off different compartments in order for it to make it even lighter. The largest pack of its kind only weighs around 42 ounces.

– Removable Hip Belt: This particular pack is able to remove the hip belt. This is in order to reduce accidents when the pack is loaded or make it easier to travel with.

– Helmet Holder: The pack is supplied with suspension straps and even a way to carry your helmet when you are not wearing it. This is also removable.

Deuter Fox 40 Backpack

The Fox 40 Backpack is brought to you by the company Deuter. Deuter is home to tons of different climbing gear products. Their climbing packs are high quality and always have good ratings. This particular climbing pack was designed and made for children starting their first journey into climbing. The Fox 40 Backpack is lightweight and comfortable for kids of all ages. This backpack was rated 5 out of 5 stars from those who have purchased the item.


– Cushioned Back Panel: The back panel on this pack is perhaps one of the best features about it. Children often complain about being uncomfortable, especially on long and vigorous hikes. The cushioned panel allows the individual to hold up to 26 pounds of items with ease.

– Lightweight: This backpack was designed for kids and because of that, they made the pack itself very lightweight. Weighing at only 46 ounces, this pack is made from polyester and nylon.

– Best Used: The Fox 40 Backpack is heavy duty and lightweight, it is best used during mountain climbing and hiking as well as alpine climbing. It also has compartments designed especially for water bottles and other storage.

– Price: This pack is priced at only 110-120 US dollars, making this one of the most affordable and highly rated children packs.

Patagonia Cragsmith 45L Pack

Patagonia is known for its high quality mountain climbing and hiking gear. Like all of their other products, their packs do not disappoint. Made from 100 percent nylon, this pack is both water resistant and super durable. This pack is so strong and tough you can scrape it against the side of a cliff countless times and it will not deteriorate or lose quality. The price range on this pack goes from 190-200 US dollars.


– Water Resistant: Like any good climbing pack, they should be able to withstand the harsh conditions. This pack is built for just that. Made from 100 percent nylon, this pack is finished off with a polyurethane coating to insure water and rain will slide right off without harming the contents inside.

– Capacity: The contents in which this pack can hold is unreal. With special compartments and two zippers to access the inside, this pack can hold items such as ropes, helmets, a full trad rack, extra clothes, and food. It even has side pockets you can store items such as dirty shoes or flip flops.

– Mesh Pads: The straps and back panel of this pack are very comfortable. Mesh shoulder straps allow enough airflow to pass through so you are not killing your shoulders. Padded waist straps are also designed within the pack.

The North Face Phantom 50 Pack

The North Face Phantom 50 Pack is brought to you by the company The North Face. The North Face has incredible products and the packs are designed just as well. This is one of The North Face’s best packs they have out their, and even one of the best out on the market. The price ranges from 180-190 US dollars making it an affordable pack for the quality it holds. This pack was rated 4 out of 5 stars.


– Tool Loop: This pack was designed to have a tool loop on the hip belt. This allows easier access to those certain tools you may need on your venture up the side of a mountain. The hip belt is also removable.

– Spring Steel Frame: The spring steel frame inside of the pack insures that your pack will keep its shape and allow the contents inside to sit comfortably. It also helps balance the weight of the pack.

– Versatile: Not only is this climbing pack great for adventures up the sides of mountains, cliffs, and scaling trees, it is also a very nice pack to take with you on ski trips. Designed with reinforced ski loops perfect for A-frame ski carry.