Cody Bellinger vs Teoscar Hernandez Stats

In his pro baseball career, Bellinger has slapped 159 baseballs over the fence while knocking in 442 runs. For his career, he approached the plate 3,147 times and came through with a base hit 691 times. He has accumulated a slugging percentage of .488 and he has a total of 1,351 bases. He has struck out 722 times and has been walked on 341 occasions, contributing to a .332 OBP. Bellinger has earned a batting average of .249 for his baseball career in addition to 463 scored runs and an OPS of .819.

Hernandez has drawn a walk 194 times while going down on strikes on 814 tries. His on-base rate is .316 and he also has a lifetime OPS of .808. He has amassed 373 runs in addition to having earned 405 runs batted in. He has gone yard 142 times, as well as 1,238 total bases and a .492 slugging percentage. Over the course of the 2,514 at-bats in his MLB career, Hernandez has hit .260 in addition to 653 hits.

Cody Bellinger vs Teoscar Hernandez Stats

Cody BellingerCareerTeoscar Hernandez
782Games Played701
3,147Plate Appearances2,738
159Home Runs142
442Runs Batted In405
71Stolen Bases37
16Caught Stealing20
.249Batting Average.260
.332On-Base Percentage.316
.488Slugging Percentage.492
1,351Total Bases1,238
37Grounded Into Double Plays56
12Hit By Pitch18

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Bellinger has a tally of 71 bases in total with 39 base hits out of 144 at-bats. He has accounted for an OBP of .337 with 14 walks and 31 K’s. For the current season, Cody Bellinger has knocked in 20 runs and also has a slugging percentage of .493. He has racked up 29 runs for the season and has hit 7 balls out of the park. He has accrued a batting average of .271 with an OPS of .830.

For this campaign, Teoscar Hernandez has batted in 25 runs and has accounted for a slugging percentage of .412. He has compiled an on-base percentage of .275 in addition to 7 walks and 71 K’s. Hernandez is sitting with 80 total bases with 46 base hits out of 194 at-bats. He has recorded a batting average when batting of .237 in addition to having an OPS of .688. He has notched 21 runs this season and has knocked 9 balls out of the park.

Cody Bellinger (2023)StatTeoscar Hernandez (2023)
37Games Played50
163Plate Appearances207
29Runs Scored21
7Home Runs9
20Runs Batted In25
9Stolen Bases2
2Caught Stealing1
.271Batting Average.237
.337On-Base Percentage.275
.493Slugging Percentage.412
71Total Bases80
2Grounded Into Double Play2
2Hit By Pitch4