Curtis Samuel to remain with Panthers according to Joe Person

The Carolina Panthers are not trying to trade wide receiver Curtis Samuel. Some speculated with the addition of Robby Anderson that Samuel would be dealt. Samuel stepped onto the field in 16 contests last year. His percentage of caught passes for this past season was 51.4% and he earned that by catching 54 of the 105 throws that went in his direction. He totaled 627 last year and earned an average of 11.6 yards/catch. Last season, Samuel caught 6 TDs and had a long reception of 44 yards. Samuel accounted for 17.2% of the receiving yardage for the Carolina Panthers, collecting 627 yards for the previous season.

Samuel (11 touchdowns through the air) has accumulated an average of 32.5 yards per contest receiving and he has 2.8 catches per contest in his career. His longest catch of his career went for 53 yards and he’s been able to snag 55.1% of the passes thrown in his direction. He’s hauled in 108 passes thrown his way which averages 11.4 YPC. Samuel has hauled in 1,236 yards as a receiver in 38 games for his career.

One player who might be impacted by this move is D.J. Moore. Out of the Carolina Panthers 3,650 total receiving yards last season, Moore accounted for 32.2% of the receiving corps output. Moore (4 receiving touchdowns) accumulated an average of 78.3 yards per game receiving and he had 5.8 receptions per game. His longest catch last season went for 52 yds and he was able to catch 64.4% of the balls thrown to him. He hauled in 87 yds and he’s been able to haul in (15th in the league) which averages 13.5 YPC.

Up to now in his career, Moore has caught 6 TDs and has a long catch of 82 yards. His catches per contest and yards per contest average are 4.6 and 63.3 yards. He has earned 1,963 yards and has an average of 13.8 yards per catch. His percentage of caught passes is 65.4% and he has that by hauling in 142 out of the 217 throws that were attempted. Moore has stepped onto the gridiron in 31 games throughout his career.