Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Pelicans Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Dallas MavericksTeam Offense 2022-23New Orleans Pelicans
21Games Played21
819Field Goals914
1,740Field Goal Attempts1,880
47.1%Field Goal Percentage48.6%
2903-Pointers Made242
8333-Point Attempts639
34.8%3-Point Percentage37.9%
5292-Pointers Made672
9072-Point Attempts1,241
58.3%2-Point Percentage54.1%
385Free Throws389
539Free Throw Attempts495
71.4%Free Throw Percentage78.6%
158Offensive Rebounds243
635Defensive Rebounds706
793Total Rebounds949
438Personal Fouls411
2,313Points Scored2,459
39.0Field Goals Per Game43.5
82.9Field Goal Attempts Per Game89.5
13.83-Pointers Per Game11.5
39.73-Point Attempts Per Game30.4
25.22-Pointers Made Per Game32.0
43.22-Point Attempts Per Game59.1
18.3Free Throws Per Game18.5
25.7Free Throw Attempts Per Game23.6
7.5Offensive Rebounds Per Game11.6
30.2Defensive Rebounds Per Game33.6
37.8Total Rebounds Per Game45.2
21.4Assists Per Game27.1
8.0Steals Per Game8.8
3.5Blocks Per Game4.4
12.9Turnovers Per Game15.0
20.9Personal Fouls Per Game19.6
110.1Points Per Game117.1

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Dallas MavericksTeam Defense 2022-23New Orleans Pelicans
836Field Goals Allowed858
1,739Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,849
48.1%Field Goal Percentage Allowed46.4%
2303-Pointers Allowed254
6283-Point Attempts Allowed769
36.6%3-Point Percentage Allowed33.0%
6062-Pointers Allowed604
1,1112-Point Attempts Allowed1,080
54.5%2-Point Percentage Allowed55.9%
381Free Throws Allowed362
482Free Throw Attempts Allowed456
79.0%Free Throw Percentage Allowed79.4%
202Offensive Rebounds Allowed209
699Defensive Rebounds Allowed666
901Total Rebounds Allowed875
493Assists Allowed530
327Turnovers Forced343
488Personal Fouls416
2,283Points Allowed2,332
39.8Field Goals Allowed Per Game40.9
82.8Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game88.0
11.03-Pointers Allowed Per Game12.1
29.93-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game36.6
28.92-Pointers Allowed Per Game28.8
52.92-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game51.4
18.1Free Throws Allowed Per Game17.2
23.0Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game21.7
9.6Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game10.0
33.3Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game31.7
42.9Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game41.7
23.5Assists Allowed Per Game25.2
15.6Turnovers Forced Per Game16.3
23.2Personal Fouls Per Game19.8
108.7Points Per Game Allowed111.0