Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Dallas MavericksTeam Offense 2022-23New York Knicks
20Games Played21
773Field Goals888
1,654Field Goal Attempts1,940
46.7%Field Goal Percentage45.8%
2713-Pointers Made235
7873-Point Attempts727
34.4%3-Point Percentage32.3%
5022-Pointers Made653
8672-Point Attempts1,213
57.9%2-Point Percentage53.8%
371Free Throws421
510Free Throw Attempts525
72.7%Free Throw Percentage80.2%
154Offensive Rebounds264
609Defensive Rebounds704
763Total Rebounds968
414Personal Fouls471
2,188Points Scored2,432
38.7Field Goals Per Game42.3
82.7Field Goal Attempts Per Game92.4
13.63-Pointers Per Game11.2
39.43-Point Attempts Per Game34.6
25.12-Pointers Made Per Game31.1
43.42-Point Attempts Per Game57.8
18.6Free Throws Per Game20.0
25.5Free Throw Attempts Per Game25.0
7.7Offensive Rebounds Per Game12.6
30.5Defensive Rebounds Per Game33.5
38.2Total Rebounds Per Game46.1
21.2Assists Per Game24.3
8.1Steals Per Game7.3
3.3Blocks Per Game4.8
12.9Turnovers Per Game13.7
20.7Personal Fouls Per Game22.4
109.4Points Per Game115.8

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Dallas MavericksTeam Defense 2022-23New York Knicks
785Field Goals Allowed878
1,645Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,918
47.7%Field Goal Percentage Allowed45.8%
2153-Pointers Allowed289
5933-Point Attempts Allowed813
36.3%3-Point Percentage Allowed35.5%
5702-Pointers Allowed589
1,0522-Point Attempts Allowed1,105
54.2%2-Point Percentage Allowed53.3%
367Free Throws Allowed403
458Free Throw Attempts Allowed534
80.1%Free Throw Percentage Allowed75.5%
189Offensive Rebounds Allowed257
660Defensive Rebounds Allowed714
849Total Rebounds Allowed971
464Assists Allowed573
314Turnovers Forced303
462Personal Fouls457
2,152Points Allowed2,448
39.3Field Goals Allowed Per Game41.8
82.3Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game91.3
10.83-Pointers Allowed Per Game13.8
29.73-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game38.7
28.52-Pointers Allowed Per Game28.0
52.62-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game52.6
18.4Free Throws Allowed Per Game19.2
22.9Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game25.4
9.5Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game12.2
33.0Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game34.0
42.5Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game46.2
23.2Assists Allowed Per Game27.3
15.7Turnovers Forced Per Game14.4
23.1Personal Fouls Per Game21.8
107.6Points Per Game Allowed116.6