Dalvin Cook vs Melvin Gordon Stats

Dalvin Cook Career Melvin Gordon
46 Games Played 87
820 Rushing Attempts 1,334
3,887 Rushing Yards 5,508
34 Rushing TD 47
204 1st Downs by Rushing 310
75 Longest Run 87
4.7 Yards Per Carry 4.1
84.5 Rushing Yards Per Game 63.3
13 Fumbles 18

Dalvin Cook has run for 3,887 yards on the ground in 46 games played in his career. His YPC is 4.7 and he has toted the ball 820 total times. He has run for 34 touchdowns with the longest carry being for 75 yards. Cook averages 84.5 yds on the ground per contest so far in his career.

To this point in his career, Gordon has played in 87 contests and has accumulated 5,508 yards on the ground. He has carried the ball 1,334 times for an average of 4.1 YPC. He’s rushing for 63.3 yards per contest and has scored 47 different times on the ground. Gordon has fumbled the ball 18 different times in his career and his longest run is 87 yards.

Dalvin Cook (2021) Most Recent Season Melvin Gordon (2021)
3 Games Played 5
51 Rushing Attempts 60
226 Rushing Yards 282
1 Rushing TD 2
15 1st Downs by Rushing 12
17 Longest Run 70
4.4 Yards Per Carry 4.7
75.3 Rushing Yards Per Game 56.4
1 Fumbles 0

Cook has run for 226 yards on the ground in 3 games this season. His average yds per carry is currently at 4.4 and He has carried the ball 51 total times this year. He has rushed for 1 touchdown this season with the longest carry being for 17 yds. He is running for 75.3 yds on the ground per contest.

During his 5 games this season, Melvin Gordon is rushing for 56.4 yds per game and has scored 2 times while carrying the ball. His longest run this year is 70 yds. He has carried the ball 60 different times to the tune of 4.7 yards per carry.