Denver Nuggets vs Washington Wizards Stats

Team Offense Comparisons 2022-23

Denver NuggetsTeam Offense 2022-23Washington Wizards
21Games Played22
907Field Goals908
1,821Field Goal Attempts1,923
49.8%Field Goal Percentage47.2%
2623-Pointers Made239
6483-Point Attempts700
40.4%3-Point Percentage34.1%
6452-Pointers Made669
1,1732-Point Attempts1,223
55.0%2-Point Percentage54.7%
348Free Throws373
461Free Throw Attempts483
75.5%Free Throw Percentage77.2%
221Offensive Rebounds207
695Defensive Rebounds766
916Total Rebounds973
413Personal Fouls438
2,424Points Scored2,428
43.2Field Goals Per Game41.3
86.7Field Goal Attempts Per Game87.4
12.53-Pointers Per Game10.9
30.93-Point Attempts Per Game31.8
30.72-Pointers Made Per Game30.4
55.92-Point Attempts Per Game55.6
16.6Free Throws Per Game17.0
22.0Free Throw Attempts Per Game22.0
10.5Offensive Rebounds Per Game9.4
33.1Defensive Rebounds Per Game34.8
43.6Total Rebounds Per Game44.2
28.0Assists Per Game24.9
7.1Steals Per Game6.5
4.4Blocks Per Game6.0
15.0Turnovers Per Game13.4
19.7Personal Fouls Per Game19.9
115.4Points Per Game110.4

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Team Defense Comparison 2022-23

Denver NuggetsTeam Defense 2022-23Washington Wizards
878Field Goals Allowed885
1,812Field Goal Attempts Allowed1,954
48.5%Field Goal Percentage Allowed45.3%
2603-Pointers Allowed271
7303-Point Attempts Allowed736
35.6%3-Point Percentage Allowed36.8%
6182-Pointers Allowed614
1,0822-Point Attempts Allowed1,218
57.1%2-Point Percentage Allowed50.4%
359Free Throws Allowed412
482Free Throw Attempts Allowed509
74.5%Free Throw Percentage Allowed80.9%
188Offensive Rebounds Allowed219
658Defensive Rebounds Allowed743
846Total Rebounds Allowed962
541Assists Allowed510
290Turnovers Forced282
425Personal Fouls436
2,375Points Allowed2,453
41.8Field Goals Allowed Per Game40.2
86.3Field Goal Attempts Allowed Per Game88.8
12.43-Pointers Allowed Per Game12.3
34.83-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game33.5
29.42-Pointers Allowed Per Game27.9
51.52-Point Attempts Allowed Per Game55.4
17.1Free Throws Allowed Per Game18.7
23.0Free Throw Attempts Allowed Per Game23.1
9.0Offensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game10.0
31.3Defensive Rebounds Allowed Per Game33.8
40.3Total Rebounds Allowed Per Game43.7
25.8Assists Allowed Per Game23.2
13.8Turnovers Forced Per Game12.8
20.2Personal Fouls Per Game19.8
113.1Points Per Game Allowed111.5