Devin White vs Lavonte David Stats

Devin White Career Lavonte David
33 Games Played 142
1 Interceptions 12
8 Pass Deflections 53
4 Forced Fumbles 24
12 Sacks 25.0
267 Total Tackles 1,159
180 Solo Tackles 828
87 Assisted Tackles 331
19 Tackles for Loss 129

For his career, Devin White has a total of 4 forced fumbles and has earned 19 tackles for a loss. He has collected 12 sacks and has 1 pick throughout his career. His overall tackles sit at 180 solo tackles and 87 assisted for a grand total of 267.

Lavonte David has racked up 1,159 tackles in his career with 828 of those tackles being solo and 331 of them assisted. He’s earned 129 tackles for loss and has earned 25 sacks. He has grabbed 12 picks and has 24 fumbles forced over the course of his career.

Devin White () Most Recent Season Lavonte David ()
5 Games Played 5
0 Interceptions 0
1 Pass Deflections 2
0 Forced Fumbles 0
0 Sacks 1.0
36 Total Tackles 34
25 Solo Tackles 22
11 Assisted Tackles 12
0 Tackles for Loss 1

Devin White has a total of 36 tackles with 25 of those tackles being solo and 11 assisted. Over the course of the season, he doesn’t have any stops behind the line of scrimmage and has tallied no sack of the quarterback. He hasn’t been able to notch any interceptions yet and has no forced fumble this year.

This year, Lavonte David hasn’t earned a forced fumble yet and has a total of 1 tackle in the backfield. His number of tackles is 22 solo and 12 of them assisted for a final tally of 34. and has earned no interceptions over the course of the season.