Dillon Brooks vs Jimmy Butler Stats

In regard to stats per game, Brooks is averaging 2.7 assists and 3.5 boards. He has 297 steals, in addition to 90 blocks and 666 dimes. Having collected 750 defensive boards and 237 on the offensive end of the court, Brooks has accounted for 987 total boards in his career. Having earned an effective FG percentage of 47.9%, he has also amassed 1,053 personal fouls and 506 giveaways. Brooks has converted 645 out of 810 shots at the charity stripe, which gave him a rate of 79.6%. By knocking down 1,235 of 2,690 two-point attempts, he has an average of 45.9%. By knocking down 517 out of his 1,506 shots from beyond the perimeter, he has amassed a three-point shooting percentage of 34.3%. By putting in 1,752 shots out of 4,196 attempts, Brooks has earned a 41.8% shooting %. He accrues 18.6 pts per 36 mins, as well as pulling in 3.9 rebounds and recording 2.6 assists so far in his NBA career. Brooks has started in 290 games, and in those games he owns an average of 14.7 points/G and is sitting with 4,666 points. Dillon Brooks has taken the court in 317 games during his career and garnered 9,051 minutes in those contests.

In regard to sharing the basketball, Butler has compiled 3,012 dimes, as well as adding 1,200 steals and 335 rejections. He is averaging 6.1 rebounds in addition to 5.0 assists per contest. He has accumulated 3,872 total rebounds in his NBA career by grabbing 2,730 defensive and 1,142 offensive. Sitting with an eFG% of 49.5%, he has also accounted for 1,181 giveaways and amassed 1,044 personal fouls. Butler has garnered a 84.2% clip at the free throw line by making 3,962 out of 4,708 tries. He has a 49.8% 2pt shooting percentage of by way of knocking down 3,647 out of 7,319 shots. Having taken 1,798 attempts beyond the arc during his pro basketball career, he has recorded a shooting percentage of 32.0% by knocking down 576 of those shots. Having earned a shot % of 46.3%, Butler has made 4,223 shots of his 9,117 tries. He dishes out 4.5 assists, collects 5.8 boards and accumulates 19.4 per 36 mins. Butler has 12,984 pts so far in his pro basketball career, holds an average of 17.9 PPG and started 620 contests. Jimmy Butler is sitting with 24,050 minutes and has stepped onto the hardwood in 725 games during his career.

Dillon Brooks vs Jimmy Butler Stats

Dillon BrooksCareerJimmy Butler
317Games Played725
290Games Started620
9,051Minutes Played24,050
1,752Field Goals Made4,223
4,196Field Goals Attempted9,117
41.8%Field Goal Percentage46.3%
5173-Pointers Made576
1,5063-Pointers Attempted1,798
34.3%3-Point Percentage32.0%
1,2352-Pointers Made3,647
2,6902-Pointers Attempted7,319
45.9%2-Point Percentage49.8%
645Free Throws Made3,962
810Free Throws Attempted4,708
79.6%Free Throw Percentage84.2%
237Offensive Rebounds1,142
750Defensive Rebounds2,730
987Total Rebounds3,872
1,053Personal Fouls1,044
4,666Points Scored12,984
14.7Points Per Game17.9
28.6Minutes Per Game33.2
2.1Assists Per Game4.2
3.1Rebounds Per Game5.3
18.6Points Per 36 Minutes19.4
3.9Rebounds Per 36 Minutes5.8
2.6Assists Per 36 Minutes4.5

Brooks has an average of 3.5 boards as well as 2.7 assists per game. So far this season, Brooks has a tally of 120 assists, 37 steals and also 8 rejections. Brooks has earned 158 rebounds for the season with 29 offensive and 129 on the defensive end. Dillon Brooks has garnered an effective FG% of 46.2% on the year, has lost the ball 70 times and has accounted for 150 fouls. When talking about shooting from the free throw line, Brooks has recorded a conversion rate of 78.2% by converting 86 out of his 110 attempts. He has knocked down 182 out of his 407 baskets from 2pt land, for a two-point percentage of 44.7%. From behind the 3PT line, Brooks has knocked down 87 out of 270 tries which has him sitting at a three-point shooting percentage of 32.2%. Brooks has accumulated a field goal percentage of 39.7% by converting 269 out of 677 shots attempted. When it comes to stats per 36, Brooks averages 18.6 points, 4.1 boards and 3.1 assists. He has scored 711 pts and sports an average of 15.8 points per game in his 45 played games. Dillon Brooks got the starting nod in 45 games and has played 1,377 mins.

Butler has an average of 5.0 assists and earning 6.1 boards per game. Butler has a total of 12 blocks, in addition to 176 assists and 73 steals. Concerning grabbing boards, Butler has compiled 72 of the offensive sort and 142 on the defensive side of the court which puts him at 214 boards. Jimmy Butler has totaled 48 fouls for the year, as well as turning the ball over 59 times and earning a 53.9% effective FG percentage. Out of 281 free throw tries, Butler has put in 238 which has him earning a rate of 84.7%. His two-point percentage is at 55.2% by knocking down 232 of 420 tries. With regard to shooting from behind the arc, Butler comes in with an average of 30.3% by way of making 20 baskets of 66 tries. Butler has converted 252 baskets out of his 486 attempts which puts him at a 51.9% shooting percentage. Butler has an average of 23.1 pts, 6.5 rebounds in addition to 5.3 dimes per 36 mins. Out of 35 played contests, he has 762 pts and averages 21.8 points/G. Jimmy Butler has been on the court for 1,186 minutes for the year and was named a starter in 35 games.

Dillon Brooks – 2022-23Most Recent SeasonJimmy Butler – 2022-23
45Games Played35
45Games Started35
1,377Minutes Played1,186
269Field Goals Made252
677Field Goals Attempted486
39.7%Field Goal Percentage51.9%
873-Pointers Made20
2703-Pointers Attempted66
32.2%3-Point Percentage30.3%
1822-Pointers Made232
4072-Pointers Attempted420
44.7%2-Point Percentage55.2%
86Free Throws Made238
110Free Throws Attempted281
78.2%Free Throw Percentage84.7%
29Offensive Rebounds72
129Defensive Rebounds142
158Total Rebounds214
150Personal Fouls48
711Points Scored762
15.8Points Per Game21.8
30.6Minutes Per Game33.9
2.7Assists Per Game5.0
3.5Rebounds Per Game6.1
18.6Points Per 36 Minutes23.1
4.1Rebounds Per 36 Minutes6.5
3.1Assists Per 36 Minutes5.3