Eric Ebron and Steelers agree to 2 year deal worth $12 million

The Pittsburgh Steelers got another pass-catching weapon for next season, inking Eric Ebron to a two-year, $12 million deal according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Ebron was responsible for 12.1% of the receiving offense for the Indianapolis Colts, compiling 375 yards last year. His receptions per game and yards per contest average were 2.8 and 34.1 yards. Last season, Ebron pulled in 3 receiving touchdowns and his long reception of the year was 48 yards. He earned a total of 375 for the prior season and had 12.1 yards per reception. His catch percentage for the prior year was 59.6% and he got there by catching 31 of the 52 throws that went his way. Ebron stepped onto the field in 11 games for the previous campaign.

One player who might be impacted by this move is Vance McDonald. When you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2,981 total receiving yards last year, McDonald was responsible for 9.2% of the receivers output. McDonald (3 receiving touchdowns) had an average of 19.5 yds per game receiving and he had 2.7 catches per game. His longest reception last season went for 22 yds and he hauled in 69.1% of the balls thrown in his direction. He caught 38 balls thrown his way (109th in the league) which means he averages 7.2 yards per reception.