Eric Gordon vs Evan Fournier Stats

Eric Gordon has played in 791 games so far in his career and amassed 25,511 mins in those games. Gordon was named a starter in 612 games, and in those contests he averages 16.2 points per outing and has tallied 12,776 points overall. He earns 18.0 points per 36 minutes, as well as collecting 2.7 rebounds and adding 3.1 dimes thus far in his career. By making 4,345 shots of his 10,154 tries, Gordon is sitting with a 42.8% shooting percentage. By burying 1,821 of 4,930 shots from behind the 3PT line, he has compiled a 3pt rate of 36.9%. By burying 2,524 of 5,224 two-pointers, he has earned a rate of 48.3%. Gordon has made 2,265 out of his 2,795 shots from the foul line, putting him at a clip of 81.0%. With an effective FG percentage of 51.8%, he has additionally accumulated 1,459 infractions and 1,538 giveaways. Having pulled down 1,591 defensive boards and 310 offensive, Gordon has totaled 1,901 total boards in his NBA career. He has tallied 663 steals, in addition to 273 rejections and 2,230 assists. In the matter of per game stats, Gordon has an average of 2.6 dimes in addition to 2.1 boards.

Evan Fournier has accumulated 18,845 mins and has participated in 665 games during his career. Fournier is sitting with 9,357 points in his NBA career, comes in with an average of 14.1 points per outing and was named a starter in 504 games. He averages 3.3 assists, snags 3.5 rebounds and racks up 17.9 per 36 mins. Stepping onto the court with a shooting percentage of 44.4%, Fournier has made 3,358 baskets of his 7,568 tries. Having shot 3,474 long distance attempts thus far in his career, he has a shooting percentage of 37.9% by converting 1,318 of those tries. He has recorded a 49.8% two-point shooting percentage of by way of burying 2,040 out of 4,094 shot attempts. Fournier has tallied a 79.9% rate from the foul line by making 1,323 of 1,656 attempts. Sitting with an effective field goal percentage of 53.1%, he has additionally recorded 1,059 turnovers and tallied 1,589 personal fouls. He has accumulated 1,813 total boards so far in his career by way of 1,541 defensive and 272 offensive. Concerning sharing the basketball, Fournier has tallied 1,705 dimes, in addition to putting up 582 steals and 101 blocks. He averages 2.1 boards as well as 1.5 dimes per outing.

Eric Gordon vs Evan Fournier Stats

Eric GordonCareerEvan Fournier
791Games Played665
612Games Started504
25,511Minutes Played18,845
4,345Field Goals Made3,358
10,154Field Goals Attempted7,568
42.8%Field Goal Percentage44.4%
1,8213-Pointers Made1,318
4,9303-Pointers Attempted3,474
36.9%3-Point Percentage37.9%
2,5242-Pointers Made2,040
5,2242-Pointers Attempted4,094
48.3%2-Point Percentage49.8%
2,265Free Throws Made1,323
2,795Free Throws Attempted1,656
81.0%Free Throw Percentage79.9%
310Offensive Rebounds272
1,591Defensive Rebounds1,541
1,901Total Rebounds1,813
1,459Personal Fouls1,589
12,776Points Scored9,357
16.2Points Per Game14.1
32.3Minutes Per Game28.3
2.8Assists Per Game2.6
2.4Rebounds Per Game2.7
18.0Points Per 36 Minutes17.9
2.7Rebounds Per 36 Minutes3.5
3.1Assists Per 36 Minutes3.3

Eric Gordon has started 42 games and has been on the court for 1,254 mins. He is sitting with 513 pts and sports an average of 12.2 points/G in his 42 games on the court. With respect to stats per 36 mins, Gordon sports an average of 14.7 points, 2.6 boards and 3.1 assists. Gordon has a field goal % of 42.4% by converting 176 of his 415 attempts. From 3-point land, Gordon has buried 75 out of 218 attempts which puts him at a three-point shooting percentage of 34.4%. He has knocked down 101 out of 197 shots from 2pt range, for a 2pt percentage of 51.3%. When discussing taking shots from the free throw line, Gordon has a shooting percentage of 81.1% by knocking down 86 of his 106 shot attempts. Eric Gordon has accounted for an eFG% of 51.4% this season, has lost the ball 67 times and has a tally of 38 fouls. Gordon has recorded 90 boards so far this season with 12 offensive and 78 on the defensive side of the court. over the course of the season, Gordon has 109 assists, 22 steals and also 15 rejections. Gordon holds an average of 2.1 rebounds and 2.6 assists per contest.

Fournier sports an average of 1.5 assists as well getting 2.1 boards per contest. Fournier is sitting with 3 blocks, in addition to 30 assists and 12 steals. In the matter of getting rebounds, Fournier has compiled 4 of the offensive variety and 38 on the defensive side of the court for a total of 42 boards. Evan Fournier has compiled 35 fouls over the course of the season, as well as losing possession of the ball 19 times and recording a 45.1% effective field goal percentage. Out of 19 free throw attempts, Fournier has converted 16 which has him sitting at a rate of 84.2%. His two-point % is sitting at 42.2% by knocking down 19 out of 45 attempts. With regard to shooting from behind the arc, Fournier sports an average of 31.0% by making 27 shots out of 87 attempts. Fournier has knocked down 46 baskets out of his 132 tries which has him sitting at a 34.8% shooting rate. Fournier comes in with an average of 13.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.9 dimes per 36 mins. In his 20 contests played, he has 135 points and sports an average of 6.8 points/G. Evan Fournier has been on the hardwood for 370 minutes for the year and has started in 7 contests.

Eric Gordon – 2022-23Most Recent SeasonEvan Fournier – 2022-23
42Games Played20
42Games Started7
1,254Minutes Played370
176Field Goals Made46
415Field Goals Attempted132
42.4%Field Goal Percentage34.8%
753-Pointers Made27
2183-Pointers Attempted87
34.4%3-Point Percentage31.0%
1012-Pointers Made19
1972-Pointers Attempted45
51.3%2-Point Percentage42.2%
86Free Throws Made16
106Free Throws Attempted19
81.1%Free Throw Percentage84.2%
12Offensive Rebounds4
78Defensive Rebounds38
90Total Rebounds42
38Personal Fouls35
513Points Scored135
12.2Points Per Game6.8
29.9Minutes Per Game18.5
2.6Assists Per Game1.5
2.1Rebounds Per Game2.1
14.7Points Per 36 Minutes13.1
2.6Rebounds Per 36 Minutes4.1
3.1Assists Per 36 Minutes2.9