Fantasy Feud Review

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Fantasy Feud Review

Fantasy Feud is a daily fantasy sports site that focuses on weekly leagues for a number of popular sports. They have a ton of great features and have steadily increased their customer base by offering a slew of games to bet on and an excellent rewards program. They may not be the most popular DFS site in the world right now, but they are quickly rising up the rankings.

Games Offered

If you like American sports, then chances are you will find at least a couple of sports that you will bet on regularly at Fantasy Feud. Right now, the company allows you to make lineups for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college sports, NASCAR and PGA. Below are some of the most popular games that you can play if you sign up at Fantasy Feud.

Salary Cap – If you want to take part in the daily fantasy sports world, then you will need to learn about drafting a lineup with a set salary cap. You will have every player available to you, but the more you spend on one player, the harder it will be to draft other good players on your team. Fantasy Feud sets the salary cap at $1 million, so you will have to find a strategy that allows you to pick a balanced team.

Snake Drafts – Snake drafts have not taken off in the daily fantasy sports world, but they are very popular at Fantasy Feud. When participating in a snake draft, you will alternate picking players with your opponent, which means that only some of the players will be available to you. If you like the drafting format at traditional fantasy sites, then you will probably be a fan of snake drafts at Fantasy Feud.

Pro Pick’em – This is an extremely fun game and quite different than the rest. Fantasy Feud will ask you who will perform better out of a pool of players, and you will have to pick correctly to come out a winner. Pro Pick’em is a fantastic game for people who are new to daily fantasy sports, but vets will definitely like playing this game every once in a while, too.

50/50 Splits – 50/50’s have quickly become one of the most popular daily fantasy sports games. When playing this contest, all you have to do is pick a lineup and hope that you finish in the top half of the group. It’s a great way to double up your money without having to pick the perfect team. The downside is that you can’t expect to win too many huge prizes.

Survivor – If you enjoy head-to-head fantasy games, then you will probably be a big fan of Fantasy Feud’s Survivor contests. You can think of thee as longer tournaments, where you will play different people in head-to-head matchups until one person is left standing. Sometimes prizes will be handed out to multiple players, but it depends on how many people have signed up.

The Good

One thing that everyone will like about Fantasy Feud is how easily it is to learn and play any of their games. Newcomers to daily fantasy sports will like how each game has a quick explanation of the rules so they can jump right in. This is an underrated feature of the site and it’s the type of thing that other DFS sites should take note of.
Fantasy Feud has one of the best customer support teams in the DFS industry. If you run into any issues on their site, you can quickly contact them in multiple ways, or you can run through their comprehensive FAQ page to try to find a solution to your issue. Considering that they are not a huge DFS (yet), it’s quite impressive how quickly you can get your problems solved while on the site.

Fantasy Feud has an excellent rewards program for their customers. For every $1 that you spend on entry fees, you will get 10 points towards rewards. After you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to sign up for more contests or you can buy items from the company’s store. This is a great incentive to play on the site.
If you know other people that play on Fantasy Feud, then chances are you are going to love their play-with-friends feature. They have set it up so friends can quickly play any game offered on their site with people they know. Even some of the most popular DFS sites don’t offer a way to easily play with friends, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular features at Fantasy Feud.

The Not So Good

Since they aren’t one of the DFS big boys (yet), Fantasy Feud does not have the huge player pool that you might see at their competitor’s sites. While you could see that as a good thing when you are first starting out, you have to keep in mind that they can’t offer as many huge tournaments as other sites can. As such, their prize pools are a bit small compared to the competition right now. While there has been talk of a Fantasy Feud app hitting the app stores at some point, it hasn’t happened yet. That’s not going to be a big deal for some of their customers, but others would prefer it since mobile versions of sites are usually a bit more difficult to use. Currently, the mobile version of their site is tough to use when drafting a team. If they can develop an easy-to-use app, Fantasy Feud would have a lot of happy customers.

Overall Opinion

Fantasy Feud might just be the best Daily fantasy sports site for beginners. They have set up the site in a way that makes it extremely easy to navigate and even easier to start picking lineups. In time, it would not be a surprise if they were seen as one of the most complete DFSA sites in the industry. Most people would be happy to be Fantasy Feud customers.