First Aid Kits

The number one rule with any extreme sport, even just hiking up a hill, is safety first. Sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, or anything else that requires a lot of energy can be dangerous and very leave you prone to accidents. If you are going on a hike by yourself; which is not suggest, always go with a group or another person, the last thing you want to do is leave yourself vulnerable.

Being stuck out in the wilderness with an injury could be deadly if you do not have the proper tools to help heal yourself. Not only should you be carrying a first aid kit with you at all times during your adventures, you should also know how to use the tools inside and which item does what for you. Down below are different first aid kits that are brought to you by different companies. Each first aid kit will have the proper tools you will need to bring with you in case of emergencies. Nothing is more important than the safety of you or your loved ones when going on arduous camping and hiking journeys.

Pac-Kit All Purpose First Aid Kit

The Pac-Kit All Purpose First Aid Kit is brought to you by the company First Aid Only. This particular first aid kit is unique in the way that it has see through pockets. This kit holds up to 299 items you can use for any emergency. Built with a soft case, this first aid kit is not bulky and heavy like the rest of its competitors. The Pac-Kit is lightweight and you can store it easily inside a backpack if needed. This kit goes for around 17 US dollars.


– See through pockets for being able to find your items quick and easy
– Soft case design for unwanted bulkiness
– Made with 100 percent vinyl, this kit is durable and long lasting
– Contains up to 299 physician-recommended items and emergency supplies
– Suggested by health care professionals

Swiss Safe 2 in 1 First Aid Kit

The Swiss Safe 2 in 1 First Aid Kit is brought to you by the healthcare company, Swiss Safe. This kit is compact and has incredible functions. Not only does this kit include 120 emergency items, it contains a smaller kit within itself to take on those adventures where you must travel light. The smaller kit has a bonus 32 extra items inside. This kit is great for all occasions including the outdoors, house emergencies, or workplace injuries. The makers of the Swiss Safe 2 in 1 First Aid Kit are so confident you will be satisfied with your purchase, you will receive a 100 percent money back guarantee if otherwise. This kit goes anywhere from 25-28 US dollars, includes free shipping.


– Two in One kit has an additional 32 items inside a smaller carrying case
– Perfect for any outdoor event
– Larger kit contains 120 emergency pieces
– Includes anything you need for any emergency, including a whistle to signal for help
– Lightweight, weighing only 1 pound with everything included

First Aid Kit Hard Red Case 326 Piece

The First Aid Kit Hard Red Case is designed and manufactured by the company Be Smart Get Prepared. This kit will be sure to keep you prepared in the worse of emergencies. Although it is bulky and would be a little more difficult to carry around on hikes, it includes over 326 pieces of medical tools that could be used to save you or someone else’s life. This kit is especially good to take on camping trips and to keep around your home for household emergencies. The First Aid Kit Hard Red Case goes for around 35 US dollars.


– Hard case so none of the contents can be damaged from a fall
– Contains 326 pieces of medical tools for any situation
– Tilting shelves to place larger items on bottom and smaller ones on top
– Comes with a wall mount for storage, also folds to be more compact
– Can supply help to up to 100 different people

Small First Aid Kit for Hiking

The Small First Aid Kit for Hiking is brought to you by the company Surviveware. This particular first aid kit is not only great and small enough to hike with, it is versatile in the sense it can be brought just about anywhere such as backpacking adventures, camping, car travels, and bicycling voyages. This kit is one of the best out there and even comes equipped with a water resistant cover to keep all the supplies inside nice and dry in case there are problems with the rain, water, or snow. This kit is built with durable and strong material and is built to last you years and years to come. Starting at the price of 35 US dollars, it is one of the best purchases you will make for your camping trips.


– Water resistant cover to keep items inside dry
– Contains 100 essential survival and first aid items
– Labeled and organized sleeves to help find each item quick and simple
– Compact and portable, weighing only 1 pound with everything in it, this kit is easy to tote around
– Straps allowing you to attach the kit to your backpack or even your belt loops

Deluxe First Aid Kit 309 Pieces

The Deluxe First Aid Kit is brought to you by the company General Medi. This first aid kit is one of the top of the line products on the market at this moment. Not only does it contain 309 pieces of medical tools that can be used to save you or someone else’s life, it is lightweight and goes the extra step when it comes to safety and precaution. Unlike many first aid kits, the Deluxe First Aid Kit comes equipped with a reflective badge on the outside of the bag to signal to others there is a kit on the scene at late night hours. This also helps you keep track of your bag in dark situations. This kit ranges in price from 17-21 US dollars.


– Includes a reflective badge on outside of bag to alert others or help find kit easier
– Comes equipped with a strap to throw over your shoulder, padded for extra comfort
– Contains up to 309 hospital grade items
– Easy to travel with, can be used for hiking and camping trips, or to keep at home for household emergencies