Fred Warner vs Zach Cunningham Stats

Fred Warner Career Zach Cunningham
53 Games Played 67
3 Interceptions 1
22 Pass Deflections 17
5 Forced Fumbles 4
4 Sacks 6.5
412 Total Tackles 538
282 Solo Tackles 342
130 Assisted Tackles 196
17 Tackles for Loss 22

For his career, Fred Warner has a total of 5 forced fumbles and has gotten 17 stops for loss. He’s earned 4 QB sacks and has tallied 3 interceptions throughout his career. His number of tackles sits at 282 of the solo variety and 130 assisted for a total of 412.

Zach Cunningham has a total of 538 tackles in his career with 342 of them being solo and and 196 assisted. He’s grabbed 1 pick and has earned 4 forced fumbles for his career. He’s accumulated 22 stops for loss and has earned 7 sacks.

Fred Warner (2021) Most Recent Season Zach Cunningham (2021)
5 Games Played 5
0 Interceptions 0
1 Pass Deflections 2
0 Forced Fumbles 0
0 Sacks 0.0
45 Total Tackles 35
29 Solo Tackles 16
16 Assisted Tackles 19
2 Tackles for Loss 0

Fred Warner has a total of 45 tackles with 29 of them being solo and 16 of them assisted. Over the course of the season, he has earned 2 tackles in the backfield and has earned no QB sack. He hasn’t been able to pick off the quarterback so far and has tallied no forced fumble for the year.

Over the course of the year, Zach Cunningham has no forced fumbles yet and has earned no tackle for a loss. His overall tackles sit at 16 individual and 19 of them assisted for a final tally of 35. and has gotten no interceptions over the course of the season.