Garrett Cooper vs Mitch Haniger Stats

Cooper has accumulated a batting average of .269 for his career in baseball with 157 scored runs and an OPS of .773. He has struck out 405 times and has walked on 126 at-bats, which contributes in part to a .339 OBP. In his MLB career, Cooper has hit 45 balls out of the park while driving in 184 runs. He has recorded a slugging percentage of .435 and he has a total of 594 bases. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to the plate 1,526 times and has delivered with a base hit 368 times.

For the 2,293 at-bats in his career, Haniger has an average at the plate of .259 with 594 base hits. His on-base percentage sits at .332 and he is the owner of a career OPS of .802. He has accrued 361 runs and notched 343 runs batted in. Haniger has drawn a walk 224 times while going down on strikes on 622 attempts. He has homered 116 times, with 1,078 bases in total and a .470 slugging percentage.

Garrett Cooper vs Mitch Haniger Stats

Garrett CooperCareerMitch Haniger
400Games Played598
1,526Plate Appearances2,574
45Home Runs116
184Runs Batted In343
1Stolen Bases19
1Caught Stealing6
.269Batting Average.259
.339On-Base Percentage.332
.435Slugging Percentage.470
594Total Bases1,078
33Grounded Into Double Plays44
23Hit By Pitch35

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This year, Cooper is sitting with 13 runs, accounted for 23 RBI and has 6 home runs. He has earned a walk 7 times and holds an on-base percentage of .265. Cooper has 37 hits in 161 at-bats for an average at the plate of .230. He has struck out 53 times while accounting for 63 bases in total. He has amassed an OPS of 0.656 as well as a slugging % of .391.

So far this year, Mitch Haniger has batted in 20 runs and also has accrued a slugging percentage of .372. He has recorded an on-base percentage of .263 as well as 7 walks and 39 K’s. Haniger has accumulated 48 total bases with 29 base hits in 129 at-bats. He has tallied a batting average of .225 with an OPS of .635. He has scored 17 runs this season and has drilled 4 balls out of the park.

Garrett Cooper (2023)StatMitch Haniger (2023)
42Games Played34
170Plate Appearances137
13Runs Scored17
6Home Runs4
23Runs Batted In20
0Stolen Bases1
0Caught Stealing0
.230Batting Average.225
.265On-Base Percentage.263
.391Slugging Percentage.372
63Total Bases48
5Grounded Into Double Play2
1Hit By Pitch0