Garrett Hampson vs Mike Trout Stats

In his career, Hampson has hit 27 baseballs out of the park while knocking in 97 runs. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to the plate 1,382 times and got on base with a hit 295 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .369 and he has racked up 463 bases. He has been struck out 369 times and earned a walk on 102 at-bats, which has contributed to a .295 OBP. Hampson has earned a batting average of .235 for his time in baseball in addition to 178 runs scored and an OPS of .664.

In the 5,276 at-bats in his career, Trout has recorded a batting average of .302 in addition to 1,593 hits. He has gone deep 362 times, with 3,087 total bases and also a .585 slugging percentage. Trout has recorded a free base 940 times while fanning on 1,412 plate appearances. He has recorded 1,085 runs and also has 923 RBIs. His on-base percentage is .413 and he holds a career OPS of .998.

Garrett Hampson vs Mike Trout Stats

Garrett HampsonCareerMike Trout
455Games Played1,454
1,382Plate Appearances6,368
27Home Runs362
97Runs Batted In923
55Stolen Bases204
13Caught Stealing37
.235Batting Average.302
.295On-Base Percentage.413
.369Slugging Percentage.585
463Total Bases3,087
13Grounded Into Double Plays64
7Hit By Pitch97

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So far this season, Hampson has notched 12 runs, accounted for 7 runs batted in and has hit 1 home runs. He has walked 4 times and has recorded an on-base percentage of .284. Hampson has accumulated 23 base hits out of 96 at-bats for an average at the plate of .240. He has gone down on strikes 28 times while having 35 bases in total. He has amassed an OPS of 0.649 with a SLG of .365.

Trout has recorded 96 total bases with 50 hits out of 182 at-bats. He is sitting with an OBP of .364 as well as 21 walks and 58 K’s. Since the start of the campaign, Mike Trout has hit in 27 runs and has amassed a slugging percentage of .527. He has racked up 33 runs so far this year and has knocked 12 balls out of the park. He is sitting with a batting average at the plate of .275 in addition to having an OPS of .891.

Garrett Hampson (2023)StatMike Trout (2023)
36Games Played47
103Plate Appearances209
12Runs Scored33
1Home Runs12
7Runs Batted In27
3Stolen Bases0
0Caught Stealing0
.240Batting Average.275
.284On-Base Percentage.364
.365Slugging Percentage.527
35Total Bases96
1Grounded Into Double Play0
2Hit By Pitch5