Gregory Polanco vs Hunter Renfroe Stats

Polanco has accumulated a batting average of .241 for his baseball career with 399 scored runs and an OPS of .718. He has struck out 694 times and has taken a walk on 287 at-bats, contributing to a .309 OBP. For his pro baseball career, Polanco has slapped 96 baseballs out of the park while driving in 362 runs. His slugging percentage is .409 in addition to racking up 1,178 bases. For his career, he stepped up to bat 3,220 times and got on base with a base hit 696 times.

Renfroe has tallied a walk 217 times while being called out on strikes on 740 occasions. His on-base rate is .301 and he holds a career OPS of .789. He is sitting with 375 runs in addition to having 423 runs batted in. He has hit a home run 167 times, as well as 1,285 bases in total and a .488 slugging percentage. Over the course of the 2,631 at-bats in his pro career, Renfroe has hit .241 and has racked up 635 hits.

Gregory Polanco vs Hunter Renfroe Stats

Gregory PolancoCareerHunter Renfroe
823Games Played750
3,220Plate Appearances2,892
96Home Runs167
362Runs Batted In423
98Stolen Bases14
27Caught Stealing4
.241Batting Average.241
.309On-Base Percentage.301
.409Slugging Percentage.488
1,178Total Bases1,285
48Grounded Into Double Plays49
10Hit By Pitch18

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So far this year, Polanco has compiled 38 runs, accounted for 36 runs batted in and has earned 11 home runs. He has taken a base 36 times and has earned an on-base percentage of .283. Polanco has a total of 70 hits in 336 at-bats for an average of .208. He has been struck out 104 times while amassing 119 total bases. He has an OPS of 0.637 in addition to a slugging % of .354.

On the campaign, Renfroe has notched 30 runs, recorded 29 runs batted in and has 10 home runs. He has earned a walk 16 times and has recorded an OBP of .311. Renfroe has accounted for 49 base hits out of 191 at-bats and holds a batting average of .257. He has struck out 44 times while amassing 89 total bases. He has an OPS of 0.777 in addition to a slugging % of .466.

Gregory Polanco (2021)StatHunter Renfroe (2023)
107Games Played49
382Plate Appearances209
38Runs Scored30
11Home Runs10
36Runs Batted In29
14Stolen Bases0
1Caught Stealing0
.208Batting Average.257
.283On-Base Percentage.311
.354Slugging Percentage.466
119Total Bases89
8Grounded Into Double Play9
2Hit By Pitch0