Groin Protectors

If you are a martial artist, an MMA fighter, a kickboxer, or any other type of fighter, you will want to find the best groin protector that you can. Not only are they required in just about every type of combat sport, you will want to have one because not having one can result in massive amounts of pain and possibly life-changing injuries. What’s great is that plenty of companies are out there right now making groin protectors that are far better than the ones made a decade ago.

Even the very best and most experienced fighters will deliver low blows in their fights, and they hurt regardless of whether you are wearing protection or not. However, if you do have a groin protector on when you take one of those shots, you will be able to recover far faster and you shouldn’t end up with a long-term injury. They are made to be comfortable and to protect, and different companies will go about the process of making them in different ways.

On this page we will be taking a look at some of the very best groin protectors that you can buy right now. There are actually hundreds of cups that you can buy these days, but the ones we picked out have been tested and proven to work by hundreds of fighters. It is a good idea to look through all of the different features that each one offers so you can be sure that you are buying one that will last and will be comfortable on you throughout all of your fights.

Meister Carbon Flex Groin Protector

At just under $10, the Meister Carbon Flex groin protector might just be the best affordable option out there today. Don’t let the low price fool you, though, because plenty of pros use these cups because they offer great protection and comfort. Considering that those are the two things most people are looking for when they are buying cups, it’s no surprise that the Meister Carbon Flex has been one of the top sellers for a few years now.


– Very strong Polypropylene injected body
– Shape created with the athlete in mind
– Minimizes impact in all combat sports
– Flexible design
– Ventilated to allow maximum air flow
– Made to fit in short cup pockets and jock straps
– Color: Black

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0

The Loo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 is one of the more expensive groin protectors on the market, but that extra bit of money buys you one of the highest-rated and trusted groin protectors in the world. The gel lining used in the cup is meant to keep the cup in place while also giving the user ultimate comfort. What makes Loo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 stand out is that it was designed by former pros who knew exactly what fighters wanted from their groin protectors, so they started from scratch and ended up with a product that many MMA fighters use today.


– Soft and flexible gel lining
– Patented ergonomics and fitting system, including simple adjustment strap
– Provides complete protection
– Made to withstand up to 4 tons of pressure
– Designed without grooves to avoid bacteria buildup
– Doesn’t have between-the-buttocks string for maximum comfort
– Designed by former martial arts Olympians
– Lifetime guarantee against breaks

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

If you look at a picture of the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup you will notice right away that it has a very different look than other cups on the market today. That outer rim is what makes it really stand out because it is made of a soft material that allows it to sit comfortably no matter what type of movements you make. Of all of the groin protectors on this list, the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is used by the most professional athletes across just about every contact sport out there.


– Made from same materials used in bulletproof glass
– Very soft elastomer edges minimize vibration
– Designed to protect from multiple hard impacts
– Never shift regardless of movement
– Comes in 2 sizes (Youth and Adult)
– Color: Black and Blue
– Worn by multiple top MMA fighters, including Anthony Pettis

Shock Doctor BioFlex Athletic Cup

The Shock Doctor BioFlex Athletic Cup does exactly what its name implies: It absorbs all of the energy going through it to keep you from feeling extreme pain when taking a low blow. It looks like the classic groin protector design that we have all seen before, but what makes it unique is the way that it sits up to absorb contact and the vent areas that allow for better airflow. These groin protectors come at a great price and the company makes them for all ages.


– Vented bio-shape body design
– Made with gel padding for great comfort and easy movement
– Distributes shock evenly and away from body
– Fits in most jocks
– Multiple sizes for both kids and adults
– Multiple colors to choose from

RDX Groin Guard

The RDX Groin Guard is actually a groin protector and jock strap combo, so it’s an excellent choice for people who need both. The Steel resin cup is considered one of the strongest out there as it is able to absorb just about any type of blow. On top of that, the groin protector also has an extremely soft outer rim to keep it comfortable against your skin even if you have it on for multiple hours at a time. The $30 price point is very low for what you are getting in the package.


– Triangular steel resin molded cup
– Closed cell rim design ensures maximum comfort
– Jock strap made of Maya hide
– Complete shock absorption
– Very easy to use hook and loop strap system
– Can be used with just about any modern jock strap
– Comes in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large)
– Color: Black

Ringside Groin and Abdominal Boxing Protector

The Ringside Groin and Abdominal Boxing Protector is going to protect one of the most important parts of your body in a comfortable and secure way. Ringside is a leader in protective padding and boxing equipment. They continue to do a fantastic job and didn’t stop here. This lightweight groin protector allows for easy movement in the right with a cut that is high on the hips. The padding goes all the way from the deep cup area up to the abdominal area for total protection. This is an adjustable groin protector with a lace up closure system. The synthetic leather is durable and comfortable.

On the other side, some have complained about this product being a tad stiff, but give it some time to break in.


– The padding extends from the abdominal area all the way down to the deep cup area to provide total protection from strikes to the area
– This product is made of synthetic leather for a durable and comfortable fit
– Comes in multiple sizes so everyone can have one that works for them
– Protect your groin area with this high quality product

EliteTek Groin Cup Protector

The EliteTek Groin Cup Protector is another incredible option if you are looking for a high-quality and well-reviewed groin protector for boxing training as well as other stand up striking sports. This cup is available in both adult and youth sizes and it has a traditional tuck under design that is made to give the athlete a more comfortable fit for the long haul. The ventilation holes that are in this cup allow for maximum air flow and the padded gel perimeter allows for a comfortable fit that allows total range of movement in no matter what sport you are partaking in. The interior padding design was made to offer additional support and comfort. The idea is to wear and cup and feel like you’re not wearing one.


– Budget friendly cup
– Maximum air flow with ventilation holes
– Unrestricted movement for all with padded gel perimeter
– Great comfort with traditional tuck under design
– Both adult and youth sizes are available
– Great for all kinds of sports and striking sports

Pro Impact Boxing MMA Groin Abdominal Protector

The Pro Impact Boxing MMA Groin Abdominal Protector is an incredible option for just $20. This is perfect for both MMA and boxing. The mission of this company is to offer the best in sporting equipment at great prices and they’ve done it again with this groin protector. This groin protector is durable and lightweight. It will keep you protected against low blows that might otherwise do some real damage. It narrows and curves toward the bottom to keep kicks from getting through and it is made of one piece. The design of this product will keep the cup in place without it moving from one side to the other when you throw kicks or move.

The coverage is exceptional and offers an unrestricted and comfortable fit. It extends from the abdominal area down to the curved “banana” area. With different sizing options, you are going to find the one that fits you best so you can focus more on fighting than worrying about your groin area.


– High quality build by using some of the best PU leather for the shell construction
– Optimal protection that will keep that area from being stuck by kicks or punches
– Sits high on the hips without hurting your mobility
– Secure fit with one-piece design and cup that won’t move when you do

TITLE Boxing Groin Protector

If you’re looking for an affordable option from a company with a great deal of experience in making quality protection gear, check out the TITLE Boxing Groin Protector. This groin protector has a great design that will help to protect the lower abdomen area and the groin. The deep curved cu helps to give the athlete superior protection in addition to the unrestricted and comfortable fit that this product offers. The elastic waistband with hook and loop closure will make sure this product stays firmly in place while offering you the comfort you deserve as a fighter. No more worrying about your movement being restricted or your groin protector not being sturdy enough to handle a fight, this product is going to be the one that sets you free.


– Excellent design that helps protect lower abdomen areas and groin
– Superior protection with deep curved “banana” cup
– Unrestricted fit that is extremely comfortable
– New hook and loop closure system
– Elastic waistband

Aeroslim Professional Female Groin Guard for Stand Up Sports


– Tested and developed by Swedish martial artists
– Bulletproof material used to build cup
– So comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it
– Superior hygiene with no between-the-buttocks string

Shock Doctor Core Jock Strap Supporter w/ BioFlex Protective Sports Cup

The Shock Doctor Core Jock Strap Supporter w/ BioFlex Protective Sports Cup comes from the well known Shock Doctor company. This supporter is built with a comfort waistband and an extremely supportive 4-way stretch material that offers the athlete the perfect fit. This cup panel is completely vented and offers maximum airflow with the breathable mesh used to make it. The pocket for the cup allows you to remove the cup before washing it. The BioFlex Cup is included in this package.


– Made of synthetic and breathable mesh
– Comes with BioFlex Cup
– Cup pocket allows for you to remove cup before washing
– Made of 51% Polyester, 44% Spandex and 5% Nylon
– Comfortable and supportive for long training sessions
– Comes in the color white and multiple sizes

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